YDG-H Carry Out Operation Against ISIS In Istanbul

30-8-2014 – (ANF) The Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement (YDG-H) carried out an armed operation against ISIS in Istanbul. The action took place in the neighborhood of Şahintepe in the district of Başakşehir and targeted a group of houses which ISIS was using to organize and find new recruits.

According to a statement released by the YDG-H, the group targeted a series of houses which were determined to be in use by following a long period of surveillance: “Our movement has carried out a targeted operation against a cell house in the Şahintepe Neighborhood of Başakşehir used by the ISIS gang which is attacking our people in places such as Rojava, Sinjar and Maxmur and  which has been armed and organized by Western powers and most of all by the Turkish Republic.”

The statement reported that a number of people had been struck in the attack, reading “There were 5-6 gang members leaving the house in a vehicle. In the operation carried out by our units 2-3 gang members were shot.” The statement concluded by calling on the Kurdish people and its patriotic youth to organize against the gang, saying “the greatest amount of support we can give to our comrades fighting on the front is to take a place alongside them on the front and clean the metropolis and Northern Kurdistan of these gangs.”