MESOP : GOOD JOB ! – YPG & FSA to mount joint defence of Aleppo

ANF – AFRIN 24.08.2014 – As fighting between opposition forces and ISIS gangs intensifies in Syria, the Peoples Protection Units (YPG) and Free Syrian Army (FSA) have met and agreed to form a ‘joint defence and resistance front’.

A meeting took place on 22 August which was attended by Abdo Ibrahim, the President of the Afrin Canton Defence Council and some YPG commanders, and FSA Aleppo General Commander Abdul Jabbar Agidi and some FSA commanders. The YPG and Free Syrian Army have come to an agreement regarding joint defence against ISIS gangs in the city of Aleppo and its environs.  Regarding the meeting that took place north of Aleppo on 22 August, Abdo Ibrahim, the President of the Afrin Canton Defence Council, told Hawarnews (ANHA) that the meeting had been requested by the FSA, and that a decision had been taken for YPG and FSA forces to act in unison against ISIS attacks.  According to Abdo Ibrahim, groups large and small affiliated to the FSA in the Aleppo area will fight alongside YPG forces against ISIS.However, it is being emphasised that the YPG accepted the proposal for a joint defence on the condition that: “forces that wish to develop relations and joint defence with us must accept the particularity of the situation in the Kurdish regions, and especially the reality of the Rojava Democratic Autonomous Administration.”