MESOP : German parliament’s Vice President Claudia Roth (The Green Party) meets terrorists and Holocaust deniers in Iran

The coalition STOP THE BOMB warns the public against the activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Hamburg

While the world is shocked by the massacre in Paris, the weekly newspaper of the Iranian paramilitary organization Ansar-e Hezbollah praises the murders of Paris as “blessed” and “legitimate” punishment for insulting the Prophet Muhammad. (1) The Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif condemned the cartoons of the magazine Charlie Hebdo as insulting. (2) The Iranian regime is also active in Germany. The most important means to disseminate its influence is the “Islamic Centre Hamburg” (IZH), which is controlled directly from Tehran according to the German intelligence service. Its head Ayatollah Reza Ramezani is a “supporter of the Iranian state doctrine” and enjoys the full confidence of the Iranian spiritual leader Ali Khamenei. (3) Despite its Islamist-Jihadist orientation, the IZH is integrated into German society.The Hamburg State Treaty with Islamic associations made the IZH a partner of the city of Hamburg. (4)

The IZH is circulating the Islamist, anti-Western and anti-Semitic propaganda of the Iranian regime in Germany. One example is a speech of Ali Khamenei from December 2014 that is published on the website of the IZH which says: “From the beginning, the Islamic Republic government … [has been] showing enmity towards the Zionist regime. This policy has continued until today. … We helped Hezbollah in Lebanon – which is a Shia group – in the same way that we helped Hamas and Islamic Jihad and we will continue to do that … I announced- and this will definitely happen- that the West Bank should be armed like Gaza“.(5)  

A propaganda clip from 2012 for the IZH-conference “Islamic awakening” calls for the spread of Islamism in the “heart of Europe”. (6)

Among the guests of the most recent IZH-conference (7) in January 2015 was Mustafa Yoldas, former head of the Islamist organization IHH, which was banned in 2010. (8) Also present were Aiman Mazyek, the chairman of the Central Council of Muslims and Katajun Amirpur, a scholar of Islamic studies from the University of Hamburg. (9)
STOP THE BOMB spokeswoman Ulrike Becker warns: “An outpost of the Islamic Republic must not be a partner of the Hamburg Senate or the University of Hamburg. The fact that the terror propaganda of the Iranian regime is disseminated in Germany points to the fatal consequences of a foreign policy of appeasement and a failed integration policy that favors Islamists instead of supporting the democrat among Muslims. We call on government agencies and universities to stop all cooperation with the IZH, which represents a domestic security risk. The treaty with the IZH must be canceled immediately. The Iranian regime is the largest sponsor of terrorism worldwide. Khamenei’s cadre factory in Hamburg is a threat to all Democrats and should be closed as soon as possible.”

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German parliament’s Vice President meets terrorists and Holocaust deniers in Iran

STOP THE BOMB condemns Iran trip of Claudia Roth and a delegation of German MPs

Press Release STOP THE BOMB January 20, 2015

The STOP THE BOMB coalition condemns the planned trip of the Bundestag’s Vice President Claudia Roth (Green Party), Dagmar Wöhrl (Conservatives) and Stefan Rebmann (Social Democrats) to Iran and calls for its immediate cancellation. (1) According to her official website, Claudia Roth intends to stay from 21st to 26th January and will meet, among others, Ali Larijani, the president of the Majlis, Iran’s pseudo-parliament, and Massoumeh Ebtekar, the Vice-President of the Islamic Republic. Subjects of the talks will be, according to Claudia Roth, the “current opening up efforts of Iranian politics”, the “humanitarian disaster in the region” and the ecological situation around Iran’s Lake Urmia. (2)

In 1979 the current Vice President of Iran, Massoumeh Ebtekar, was one of the kidnappers in the US embassy in Tehran. Back then she declared to be ready to shoot the hostages. (3) The president  of the Iranian Parliament, Ali Larijani advocated Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial at the Munich Security Conference in 2009. (4)

Roth, Wöhrl and Rebmann are members of the Parliamentary Committee for Economic Cooperation and Development. (5)

STOP THE BOMB spokeswoman Ulrike Becker comments: “In the face of the current wave of executions in Iran speaking about ‘opening up efforts of Iranian politics’ is bold. It is a scandal that two weeks after Islamist attacks in Paris, a high-ranking delegation of German MPs is having meetings with terrorists and Holocaust deniers in Iran. The meetings grant false reputation to a parliament, whose members are handpicked by Iran’s Islamist theocracy. Moreover, it seems that after former minister Peter Ramsauer’s (Conservatives) “Iran Roundtable” with leading German companies last week at the German Bundestag, (6) the MP’s trip to Iran serves as a further promotion for German-Iranian business and is another effort to weaken sanctions against the Iranian regime.“