MESOP : FROM ADEN VIA TEHRAN TO ERBIL – Iraqi Kurdistan under serious threat after Saudi Arabia-led coalition attacks Yemen: MP

BASnEWS 30 March 2015 – BAGHDAD,— The Kurdish member of the Iraqi Parliament Adil Nouri has said that the attacks by Saudi Arabia-led coalition on Yemen have created another serious threat to Kurdistan, and the unity of Kurdish people and political parties is essential for the survival of Kurdistan. On Sunday Nouri, a member of the Kurdistan Islamic Union Party (KIU), announced, “After the Yemen Operation was launched by the Gulf countries, Pakistan and Turkey, Kurdistan must unite and face another phase of threats and conflicts.”

“The issues of Sunni Muslims have become an international issue by launching this operation. Our problem is not only with Sunni Arabs in Iraq now, but their support by a strong international ally.”Nouri explains, “Iraqi MP Misha’an al-Juburi (Iraqi Sunni) directly told me in Parliament, ‘We are ready to expel the Peshmerga from areas controlled by Kurdish forces with Iranian support, not only Iran but we are willing to ally even with devil against you, because you are our enemies’.”Adil Nouri also said, “We should not depend on Turkey because Ankara is a member of Saudi Arabia-led coalition as well.”