MESOP FOCUS : We won’t stay in Iraq’s line of fire forever, Barzani tells Iranian delegation

16.7.2014 – Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani told Iran’s Secretary Assistant to National Security Dr. Reza Amir that the Iraqi Kurdish region cannot stay in Iraq’s line of fire for good. On Tuesday Barzani met Amir in Erbil and they discussed the current situation in Iraq and political process as well as the formation of the new government in Baghdad.

Amir talked about the role of Barzani and the Kurdistan Region in Iraq and expressed hoped that soon the problems in Iraq would be solved and come to an end.In the meeting, Barzani pointed out that Kurdistan Region is a peaceful place for all peoples and religions and attributed Baghdad’s authoritarian policies to the recent developments in Iraq.“Six months before the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) controlled Mosul we had already warned Baghdad,” Barzani said about Iraq developments. Barzani also stressed that the region could not remain in the line of fire of Iraq’s sectarian violence and they would not put up with bad administration, violation of the constitution and authoritarian rule of Baghdad.