‘Peace, Solution to Kurdish Question Only Possible Through Struggle’ Writes Cemil Bayik

Kurdish Question – 16 Sept 2016 – In an article published in Kurdish dailies Azadiya Welat and Yeni Özgür Politika, Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Co-chair Cemil Bayık, said only struggle could bring about a solution to the Kurdish question. The article was translated by ANF English Service and is being republished on for the insight it gives following the (in Kandil produced and edited) message from PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan and the seizure of Kurdish municipalities, into the position of the KCK, the umbrella organisation that includes the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK). Cemil Bayik writes:

“We don’t remember another fascist leader in world history who openly admits to his cruelty like Turkey President Erdoğan. Erdoğan now says he will eliminate the Kurdish people, with no need for obfuscation. Some of Erdoğan’s Kurdish supporters try to cover up his fascist mentality but Erdoğan tears through those covers. He says he will eliminate the Kurds. He says there can be no [Kurdish] nation, no political will, no administration in the region except for the Turks. Constantly repeating that there is only one nation, one flag, one state and one people every day, Erdoğan lays bare his monolithic mindset and rejects the Kurds, their political will and country; Kurdistan. All Turkish officials are now saying they will continue the war until they eliminate every single Kurdish guerrilla.

Nobody should expect a solution to the Kurdish issue from the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government. Those expecting any steps from the AKP following this discourse and these practices will be fooling themselves. When the AKP and its fascist allies [MHP, CHP, Ergenekon], say they will destroy and exterminate the Kurds, one cannot fall prey to carelessness or let ones guard down. Turkey’s democratisation and a solution to the Kurdish issue is not possible without struggling. The government’s [negative] response to leader Öcalan’s efforts for peace is there for all to see. Currently the will of the Kurdish people is under a more direct attack. They want to complete the genocide by breaking this will. There is no doubt about this. This is the decision, objective, approach and practice of the genocidal colonialist policy [of the Turkish state].

What’s important however is the stance of the Kurdish people and democratic forces against this policy. One thing must be seen: The Kurdish issue can only be solved through a struggle for democracy and democratic administration. The dominant mindset in Turkey denies Kurds and wants to eliminate them; this is state and government policy, therefore it is impossible to resolve the Kurdish issue with the current political parties and governments. The problem isn’t that political demands [by Kurds] are too big or small; the problem is the Turkish state’s ongoing policy of denial and genocide. Thus, only through establishing a democratic administration in Turkey, via a struggle for democracy and freedom, can the Kurdish issue be solved. Otherwise, with the anti-democratic mindsets and governments, this issue cannot be solved. A rational approach cannot be expected from these governments. In this sense, it is only possible to raise the struggle against them. Nothing can be done for democracy, freedom and peace before understanding this fact and acting accordingly. Anybody with any expectation outside of this framework will be fooling themselves and the people. And that will allow genocidal colonialism to implement its policies without any resistance.

During the most recent visit to Imralı [on 11 Sept 2016], the Kurdish People’s Leader Öcalan said again that if the state wanted to, the Kurdish issue could be solved in six months. This is a fact. Öcalan aims to solve the Kurdish issue without problematising state borders and has expressed this as democratic autonomy within the framework of Turkey’s democratisation. This means the localisation of democracy. But the mindset in Turkey does not accept the liberation of the Kurds’ existence, language or culture and therefore democratic autonomy and uses all the instruments of war to break the people’s desire for freedom. This is what the current dirty, special war concept aims at; to eradicate the Kurdish people’s struggle for a free and democratic life.

There are two ways for a solution to the Kurdish issue and they are both interconnected. One is democratising Turkey in a joint struggle with the democratic forces in the country and the other is Kurdish people creating their own democratic solution and defending it. If this dual struggle is realised, then Turkey will democratise and the Kurdish issue will be solved. We cannot wait in expectation for those in power to take steps.

Without a doubt, everyone wants a solution without hardship, without conflict and war. The Kurdish Freedom Movement tried this route with patience, but it wasn’t possible. We have shown the most reasonable approaches, but it hasn’t worked. In the current conditions, whoever thinks freedom and peace can be achieved without resistance, is fooling themselves and putting their neck out under the blade of genocidal colonialism. Peace and a free democratic life cannot be earned without resistance.

Peace and a solution are only possible through struggle. Erdoğan has said all the oppression and attacks until now were just the beginning; he’s not stopping, he’s marching on and will do more. Thus, whoever calls for anything other than struggle, is serving the aims of genocidal colonialism. Any peace talk that doesn’t call for developing the struggle or isn’t actively striving to develop the struggle should not be heeded. In this sense, the only thought in the minds of those who want peace and a solution should be struggle, struggle, struggle.”

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