MESOP FOCUS : People resist as KDP withdraws from Sinjar

ANF – SINJAR 03.08.2014 – The KDP, which for weeks failed to take sufficient measures to counter the expected assault on Sinjar from ISIS, has withdrawn from the area now that clashes have intensified. While one village has been captured by ISIS gangs, the people of Sinjar are resisting the gangs by their own means.

It is reported that ISIS gangs continued the mortar bombardment of Sinjar and surrounding villages they started yesterday throughout the night. As the attacks continued, the KDP peshmerga forces responsible for security in the region began to withdraw, virtually leaving the Yezidi Kurdish inhabitants of the region to the ISIS gangs.

As ISIS gangs stepped up their attacks on the withdrawal of the peshmerga forces, the people of Sinjar launched a resistance with their own weapons. As ISIS gangs advanced towards Sinjar they bombarded the villages of Girzerik, Sibaşexidir, Tilbenat,Tilkasab and Koço with heavy weaponry. While battles raged, it is reported that part of Girzek village was taken by the gangs. Due to fears that the gangs, that slaughter those of different faiths, would perpetrate a massacre, and on account of the Yezidi militias’ lack of ammunition, people have begun to leave the region. It is reported that in villages where clashes have intensified the inhabitants have begun to take shelter in the nearby hills.