MESOP FOCUS : Are Kurds Close to Defeat of Regime in Hasakah?

August 23 – By Scott Lucas – EAWORLDVIEW -After almost a week of fighting in the northeastern Syrian city of Hasakah, Kurdish forces are close to victory over the regime military and militia, according to local activists.The Kurdish YPG militia and Asayish security forces advanced on Monday in the two remaining districts controlled by President Assad’s troops, Nashwa and Ghweiran. Reports said they had captured the police station and were driving back the regime troops in the remaining “security box”.The Kurdish forces declared the eastern part of Nashwa “liberated” and said clashes were ongoing in the Laylia neighborhood. They said that key points had been taken in Ghweiran, including the ring road, and that they had surrounded the Basel stadium and the museum.

Syrian State media have said nothing about the situation, but the pro-regime Al-Masdar News insisted this morning that the Assad regime and “YPG and Asayish leaderships” had reached a ceasefire agreement under Russian supervision. Points include confirmation of areas of control, including police stations, prisons, and immigration and passport offices.Pro-Assad activists reported a similar agreement last weekend, only for Kurdish officials to deny the claims and the YPG-Asayish to advance further inside the city.

Control of Hasakah has been divided since 2013, with periodic clashes between the two sides. The current fighting began last Wednesday, with each side claiming that the other had attacked checkpoints, and soon expanded after the collapse of a brief ceasefire on Wednesday night.

HASAKAH MAP 22-08-16

(Map by Artur Rosinski of NewsMap)