MESOP FLASH : Russian jets attack Syrian IDPs’ camps near Turkish border –

 31 Jan 2016 – Many civilian Syrians mainly women and children were seriously injured when Russian jets indiscriminately attacked the Syrian internally displaced’s camps near the Turkish border in Latakia northern countryside, Syria Live Network (S.L.N.) reported.

Russian bombardment coincided with Assad heavy artillery on the same camps which cast terror in the hearts of the Syrian displaced who did not know where to go and what to do, S.L.N. added. Russian jets are intentionally attacking these camps which are located near the Turkish border to pick quarrel and provoke Turkey as Turkmens are among those who are attacked as these Turkmens have relatives in Turkey, people from the heart of the camps have said. Syrian IDPs live in dire conditions and they desperately need aid especially after this harsh weather and sandstorms. Syrian IDPs in Latakia’s Obeen live in makeshift tents, some of them decided to go back and be killed under Russian bombardment to live in the tough circumstances. Orient correspondent visited camps and made reports about their lives. The stories are on Orient YouTube page.