MESOP FLASH : REGISTERED APOC’IS – Netherlands to register sympathisers of Turkey’s Kurdish PKK / A usual procedure like in Germany + more EU countries


13 Sept 2016 – AMSTERDAM,— Dutch police are planning to register the names of Dutch Kurds who sympathise with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in their official computer system, the Telegraaf said on Tuesday.

The organisation is on the EU’s official terror list and the police have now had a series of ‘secret’ meetings about the movement and the communist DHKP-C, the Telegraaf said. Some people are concerned that Dutch police officers of Turkish origin could pass the information on to Ankara, which launched a major crackdown on the PKK last week, the paper said. However, a spokesman for Amsterdam police told the Telegraaf that the force had confidence in the ‘strict rules to guarantee police officer integrity’.