MESOP FLASH : PUTIN IN QAMISHLO -Syrian-Russian Joint Delegation Visit Qamishlo to Discuss Hasakah – The joint delegation held a fruitless meeting with Kurdish officials

21 Aug 2016 – BasNews – QAMISHLO — Following the violent clashes that broke out between the Kurdish forces and the Syrian regime in Hasakah, a joint Syrian-Russian delegation arrived in Qamishlo in Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava) from Damascus, according to a security source from the city.

The source told BasNews on condition of anonymity that the delegation headed by the Head of the Syrian National Security Bureau, Ali Mamlouk, accompanied by a number of officers from the State Security Department of Damascus, and three Russian military advisers from Humaimim base in al-Laziqiyal province. The delegation held a closed-door meeting in Qamishlo International airport with military and political officials in the self-ruled administration of Rojava, including, the chief of the defense of Jazira canton, Abdul Karim Sarokhan, the head of foreign department in the province, Abdul Karim Omar, the spokesperson for the Kurdish cantons , Redour Khalil, and a member of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) known as  Haval Nujin Bakok, according to the source.

“The meeting witnessed a brawl at the beginning and Ali Mamlouk vowed that he would destroy the cities of Qamishlo and Hasaka if the clashes continue in Hasaka.”

“The Kurdish delegation presented a number of demands to the Syrian security officials, most notably, the solution of national defense militias, and the evacuation of the government forces from all headquarters, institutions and positions in Hasaka, and hand them over to the Kurdish forces.  The Kurdish officials left the meeting after an hour, without reaching any agreements with the Syrian government delegation, the source added.The visit of the Syrian-Russian joint delegation to Qamishlo came after deadly confrontations between the Syrian Kurds and Syrian regime forces broke out on August 16 in the Kurdish city of Hasakah, northeastern Syria and continue to the moment.  The fighter jets belonging to the Syrian regime are also conducting airstrikes on the mainly Kurdish neighborhoods of the city, with artillery shelling and armed conflicts continuing on the ground which have resulted in the death of dozens of civilians and the displacement of thousands others.