MESOP FLASH : “NO” ! – TO TURKEY & OBAMA – Kurdish affiliated (PYD/PKK) SDF forces won’t withdraw from western Euphrates: official tells Kurdpress


A member of Syrian Democratic Council stated that the forces affiliated with Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) will not withdraw from the western part of Euphrates River in the north of Syria.Brivan Ehmed stated that the SDF forces will not leave the region and are ready to fight against any group either to be the Islamic State (Daesh) or “its biggest brother Turkey.”

The official called Turkey operation into the northern city of Jerablus against Daesh a show and “all saw that the city fell to Daesh with the least confrontation.” Ehmed further blamed Russia and the West for remaining silent against the operation and Syrian government for not condemning it, adding that all sides are seeking to make a deal which according to him would lead into no avail. She further said Turkey operation into Jerablus is to make the democratic federal system in northern Syria failed and is pushing SDF forces to quit the region.