MESOP FLASH : MURDEROUS PKK ! – PKK Executes Own Yezidi Guerrilla – The victim was accused of treason after attempting to abandon the party

Basnews English – 03/04/2017 –  SINJAR — Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) has executed one of its own Yezidi member after accusing him of treason, a source said.

Sabah Hani Abbas Hamo, originally from Gir Uzeir near Sinjar, was detained by PKK leadership on March 31st and immediately executed.He was accused of attempting to abandon the PKK ranks and encouraging other Yezidi youths to follow him.The PKK’s harsh move is believed to be a warning to the other Yezidi members that similar consequences will be awaiting for anyone attempting to abandon the party.

Previous media reports revealed that over 350 Yezidi members of PKK have recently left the party to join Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga forces. Yezidi religious and political leaders constantly renew their call on the PKK to evacuate its forces from Sinjar and its surrounding areas as their presence further complicates the situation for Yezidis.