MESOP FLASH : ISIS produces Sunni-Shiite brotherhood in Dhuluiya & people rally against it

12 September 2014 – Shafaq News / The Expand of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria “ISIS” organization in Sunni areas and recruit volunteers in Shiite areas seems to many that the signs of sectarian violence that Iraqis though it has disappeared in a period of time.

The tenth of last June , a lot of reality in Iraq has changed , the country has caused a shift into three regions officially one for Sunnis ,another for Shiites and a third subjected to Kurdish self-rule originally. With the expansion of ISIS elements in Sunni areas, which appeared recently there is resistance by the people and reject to their presence appeared in other cities that refrained from allowing them to enter such Dhuluiya. Dhuluiya (80 km south of Tikrit) City is considered a strategic city because it lies on the road to Baghdad and inhabited by Sunni Arab tribes .

Dhuluiya  is bordered by Shiite areas such as Balad ni which its residents help the sons of Dhuluiya with medicine and even arms, especially as the sons of Dhuluiya are drawing the greatest epics in facing ISIS terrorists who had advanced towards Balad , then Dujail and then will have no obstacle to get to the capital, Baghdad. “We are one in Balad and Dhuluiya  areas,” says Ali Jadallah (24 years), one of al-Jabour clans’ fighters opposed to the presence of “ISIS” in Dhuluiya. Jadallah says, “Today we killed five ISIS elements , three of them wearing bomb belts.”

Conflict with “ISIS” shows many young people fighting terrorism not relying on the government’s efforts.Colonel , Khalil Qandil ,police chief of Dhuluiya  told “Shafaq News” that “a lot of young people and adults, as well as many fighters from different clans are involved in the defense of Dhuluiya, but they need more government support”

We can see elements of the popular crowds’ Volunteers fighting alongside the families of Dhuluiya. Jabour clan is considered one of the most clans against ISIS. This is also the case for the rest of Khazraj clan and al-Sawamra tribes. The tribes were able to repel the attack of ISIS with the help of sons of the local police, but they have been exposed to losses in lives where about 18 policemen and tribal element were killed and 55 wounded last week.

Despite the fall of some areas of Dhuluiya by ”ISIS” and restoring important parts of them after the implementation of a major military operation, but the city is suffering from a bad humanitarian situation especially as it is besieged by “ISIS” and There is no way but by the river. The population across the river by old boats to the neighboring country town for the purpose of obtaining food or medicine or treatment of patients and wounded people in the conflict. In a dark image of the situation in Dhuluiya , writer and researcher on armed groups, Hashem al-Hashemi says, “We have waited patiently for the government support for the people of Dhuluiya … where the situation was possible to control it almost a month ago, and al-Baghdadi’s group was subjected to the pressure of the US Air Force north..We expected to free the north of Dhuluiya and to be the key to victory in the direction of science al-Alam and al-Ishaki but the military plans has no mind! “.

While a senior official who requested anonymity in Dhuluiya said for “Shafaq News” that “population will not hand over all regions of Dhuluiya, they will keep on the ground or be killed  , they have no third solution, but if the government helped them.” Despite the strength of the Islamic State group but areas they fight in are difficult to be entered that that what happened in Amerli, Hadetha and al-Alam areas despite the latter’s fall in their hand.