YPG Police Opens Fire at a Civilian Refusing to Join Army – PYD security forces also arrested two members from KDPS and ENKS

Basnews English – 11 February 2017 – Middle East – ERBIL — The People’s Defense Units (YPG) forces, the armed wing of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) opened fire at a civilian after he refused to join YPG, Democracy Center for the Human Rights in Kurdistan reported .

Germany-based Democracy Center for the Human Rights in Kurdistan released a statement on Saturday which says the YPG police raided the house of a 19-year-old civilian named Rashid Mustafa bin Hussein in Baadina village of Afrin city in the Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava) on Thursday, in an attempt to conscript him into the YPG forces.

PYD security forces opened fire at Bin Hussein while he had been trying to escape from them, resulting in wounding of his father. Bin Hussein has been detained without his detention place being disclosed to his family, the statement reads.The statement further says the security forces left Hussein’s wounded father at the scene without taking him to a hospital. Meanwhile, PYD security forces also arrested a member of Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria which is seen by PYD as its rival political party. The forces also on Thursday arrested an official from the Syrian Kurdish National Council.