MESOP FLASH : BasNews Reveals New Iraqi Prime Minister’s Plans for Kurds

08.09.2014 – BasNews, Erbil – The Shiite National Alliance nominee for PM of Iraq, Haidar Abadi, has decided to resolve the issue of the Kurdistan Region’s budget quickly and pledge complete financial support to Kurdish Peshmerga forces. He has also committed to implementing Article 140 of Iraq’s constitution within a year, which addresses Iraqi disputed territories.

Abadi has officially asked the parliament of Iraq to convene on Monday evening, when he will inform it of his plan for the new cabinet of the Iraqi government. His speech, which MPs have already seen a copy of, is expected to take place at 8:00pm. Kurdish MP in Baghdad, Sirwan Sirini, told BasNews, ‘His plan is made up of four parts. Chief among them is an agreement with political parties that establishes a consensus government in which every party is fairly represented in the cabinet.’

Sirini revealed other details about the points in Abadi’s plan, which includes, ‘All parts of Iraq should be freed from Islamic State (IS) radicals as soon as possible.’

In addressing Kurdish disputes, Sirini quoted the speech as stating,’It is essential to find suitable solutions for the oil and natural resources disputes with the Kurdistan Region based on Iraqi laws and constitution. These problems must be resolved within six months.’ ‘In order to start solving the budget and oil issues between Erbil and Baghdad, a proportion of the disputed budget should be sent to the Kurdistan Region immediately. In return, the Kurdistan Region must hand over control of its oil to the federal government of Iraq to be exported through Baghdad. This should be done within a month.’ ‘A suitable solution for Kirkuk and all disputed territories must be found using Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution, within a year.’ ‘Peshmerga forces must be assisted in all aspects, including border protection soldiers for the Kurdistan Region and other cities of Iraq. This should be done within three months.’ Sirini said that although these are fine plans, it remains to be seen if they are worth trusting. If fully implemented, Iraq will start to improve and develop in terms of infrastructure and services, whilst Kurds will secure their rights.