MESOP FLASH : 150 Saudi Intelligence Commanders Come to Mosul

19.06.2014 – Nuwar Faqie – BasNews, Mosul – According to security sources, 150 Saudi intelligence commanders have entered Mosul secretly. The sources explained that the commanders, led by Fahd Misbah, passed secretly through by way of the Hasakka Province border in Syria, and now they are settled in the area.

Based on information obtained by BasNews, a Saudi journalist working for the newspaper al-Watan accompanied the Saudi intelligence commanders in order to continue reporting the current happenings. Allegations have been made by various newspapers that commanders from Saudi Arabia planned for the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) terrorist group to bombard and take over the city of Mosul, strategically widening Sunni influence through Iraq. This follows after ISIS fighters seized control of Mosul last week, forcing the Iraqi Army to leave the city.