MESOP Finish Maliki ?: Al-Sistani gives Maliki a week to step down

 14 July 2014 14:06 – Shafaq News / The top Shi’ite cleric in Iraq, Ali al-Sistani has dilvered a verbal message to the outgoing Prime Minister , Nuri al-Maliki, telling him  that he should step down from his post during a week to make room for   to choose an alternative and end the crisis in the formation of the government.

The religious Marjaa waved that he will announce his frank position against al-Maliki if the week ended and the latter did not respond to the message, according to Elaph Website that said briefed about this information from a source close to the Marjaa.

Maliki seek to fill the office for the third time in a row, especially after State of law coalition come the first in the elections that took place at the end of April with 95 seats, ahead of about 60 seats for its nearest rival.

But he faces stiff opposition from Sunnis and Kurds he parties in the National Shia coalition as those parties blame it on the massive offensive of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant “ISIL” organization on the north and west of the country.

According to the close source to the religious Marjaa , an envoy has brought a verbal message from the highest religious Marjaa, Al- Sistani to Prime Minister , Nuri al-Maliki on the need to solve the problem of the Shiite National coalition’s candidate to head the new government to choose the alternative to him within one week, otherwise they will announce a position publicly against his third term.

However, the relentless attack of ISIL last month raised wide fears within the country and outside it from Iraq’s collapse and fragmentation into parts which prompted religious Marjaa to call to take up arms to fight the militants and tens of thousands responded to the call.

Marjiyaa stressed to Maliki, according to the report, seen by “Shafaq News” that “ this position comes is consistent with the positions of other political blocs opposed to give Mailki a third term, and that he does not have national consensus.

Marjiyaa has warned of the risks of the continued absence of nomination of candidates for the three presidencies of the Republic, the parliament and the government on the situation in the country, which is witnessing security, and political crisis that threatens disintegration of Iraq.

It is believed that Maliki’s insistence to hold office prevents the formation of the next government, despite repeated calls by Marjiyaa on the need to accelerate the formation of government to face ISIL.

The source noted that al-Maliki began to be sure that the whole political atmosphere is going against his desire for a third term.

Al-Sistani’s Office had denied last Wednesday what some of the media has said about Sistani’s son, Mohammad Retha that there are no red lines on any candidate for prime minister.

A close source to the office said that “what was attributed to Mr. Mohammad Retha al-Sistani or to the office through some channels on the lack of red lines on any candidate for prime minister is not true,” which was interpreted as the possibility of Marjiyaa to object any candidate for the presidency of the next government.