Attack to Amedspor in Ankara: An attempt to lynch the club directors – By Rumet Serhat – BasNews – ANKARA – Amedspor has been the object of racist attacks by other football teams and the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) as well as hooligans since their name changed from Diyarbakır Spor and the new team logo consists of green, red and yellow, the Kurdish colours.

Sunday, 24th of April, was a milestone in these brutal attacks. Amedspor won a game in Ankara against Ankaragücü 2-1 and that triggered the events. After the obvious victory of Amedspor, Ankaragücü club directors and supporters attacked Amedspor directors. Amedspor directors were watching the match together with Ankaragücü directors in the protocol box as a gesture of gentlemenship in sports. Amedspor’s 5 wounded directors received medical care at the hospital after they were attacked with iron bars. Ankaragücü hooligans also stoned the Amedspor convoy bus at the exit.

It’s unknown yet how the iron bars passed the police control points of the stadium, and so far only 6 people were arrested due to the camera recordings, and 4 more are searched by the police.The director of Amedspor described the attack as: “after our second goal at minute 85, the stand confused the whistle at minute 90. About 30 people attacked us, among them police forces. The reason for this attack is the TFF’s political approach against Amedspor. I’m ashamed of this brutality in the name of sports. This brutality is against all of those who support Amedspor.”So far this is the 3rd attack against Amedspor of such proportions, and so far none of the previous attacks were punished by the Professional Football Discipline Board (PFDK).

When the green and red colored Diyarbakır Büyükşehir Belediye Spor changed its name to Amedspor, and accepted green, red and yellow on its logo by unanimous vote in 2014, it faced 10.000 Turkish Liras (over 3.000 USD) fine by PFDK for unclear reasons. The club previously had 20.000 Turkish Liras fine from PFDK in September 2015 as “making ideological propaganda” for the Amedspor fans cheering to protest the 10 days long curfew in Cizre “Cizre is everywhere, resistance is everywhere”. Amedspor won that match 2-1. Also, the team’s star player Deniz Naki is on the target of right wing media. The first fine in 2016 came after Amedspor’s victory over Bursaspor for a previous match played. The reason was again “making ideological propaganda” and this time the crowd cheered as “the children should not die, and come to watch football games” for protesting killings of Kurdish children during curfews in Kurdish cities and towns. Amedspor again won that match and was fined 25.000 Turkish Liras.