MESOP : Dr. ERDOGAN THE PHYSICIAN OF ISLAMISM – Isis Commander Receives Medical Treatment in Turkey

2015-03-07 Zaman – The Turkish man said to be an ISIL commander is treated at Pamukkale University Hospital, according to the Denizli Governor’s OfficeThe Denizli Governor’s Office has confirmed media reports claiming that a commander of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is being treated at a university hospital in the western Turkish province.

A statement from the Denizli Governor’s Office said Emrah Ç., a Turkish man who is registered in the Malazgirt district of the southeastern province of Mus, went to Pamukkale University Hospital after being injured in a bomb attack during combat in Syria.

“Judicial procedures regarding his injury were carried out when he crossed into Turkey from Syria. His treatment is still underway in Denizli in accordance with the right to receive medical attention, just like a normal citizen,” the statement said. The statement said that Emrah C. — after being treated at a hospital in the border province of Antakya — came to Denizli because he has relatives in the province.Turkey has been the target of criticism for allegedly turning a blind eye to foreign fighters crossing into Syria and Iraq from Turkey to join ISIL. The NATO ally has also been facing a backlash for its reluctance to join US-led coalition efforts to eliminate ISIL, feeding speculation that this reluctance may be an indicator that some Turkish officials are ideologically close to the terrorist group.

However, Turkish authorities have strongly condemned the terrorist acts of ISIL militants and say these actions have nothing to do with Islam. Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc recently revealed that fighters joining ISIL are not only flowing into Syria from Western countries, announcing that around 1,000 Turks have joined the extremist group.