MESOP : CONSPIRACY AS GERONTOCRACY / Iran: ISIS is a tool of Israel, Kurds & US

26.06.2014 – Idris Ahmad – BasNews, Iran – An Iranian cleric has said that the results of the previous Iraqi elections came as a shock to the enemies of the Iraqi government. He also said that the the attacks and current clashes in Iraq have been made by Israel, the Unites States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the Kurds. The Iranian cleric claims that these countries are using ISIS as their tool to destroy Iraq.

Iraqi-Iranian politician and Shia cleric and leader Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi said that the Gulf Countries and the West weren’t happy with Iraqi Shia success.

“After the success of the Shia in Iraq, the US, Israel and Arab countries became worried that the Shia would control Iraq, and started conspiracies against Shiite,” said Shahroudi.  

According to the Iranian News Agency, Mehr Shahroudi said the last Iraqi election made the West unhappy so they have begun a war against Iraqi Shia. “After the success of the Shia in Iraq and increase of Shia votes, Israel and USA as well as a few other countries don’t want Shia to gain control in Iraq, because Shia is Israel’s enemy” alleged Shahroudi.

He continues on to accuse the Iraqi Kurdish party of being against Iraqi Shia Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki because of oil. “KDP has wanted Kurdish independence for a while and now they have a federal and free region, but because Kirkuk is an oil-rich city and they don’t have control over it, they are going against Maliki,” added Shahroudi.