Suspect behind Turkey’s Kurdish party attacks has links to leftist group: PM

ANKARA, Reuters 23 May 2015 — Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has claimed that a person linked to a leftist extremist group is behind two attacks this week against Turkey’s pro-Kurdish political party, which injured six people. Davutoglu said Thursday a suspect previously arrested for links to the banned DHKP-C carried out Monday’s bomb attacks on the People’s Democratic Party offices in southern Turkey.

The suspect has not been named and is still at large. A day earlier, Davutoglu had suggested that the Kurdish party and the nationalists were using the attacks in an unlikely “cooperation” to tarnish the ruling party. He argued that the two parties, which are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, had issued similar statements blaming the government. Simultaneous explosions hit the offices of Turkey’s opposition pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) in two southern cities last Monday, wounding six people weeks ahead of a parliamentary election, an HDP official said.The explosion in the city of Adana, where the six were injured, appeared to have come from a package delivered to the office, the official told Reuters. The HDP is betting on new-found appeal beyond its Kurdish base to propel it into parliament for the first time, but will need to exceed a 10 percent threshold of votes to do so. Turkey holds general elections on June 7.