Hama | 16 hours ago

If only PKK would respect the soveriegnty of KRG this problem could’ve been avoided. Its time for kurds to look beyond their party allegience and take a critical look at their own party. What’s right is right. PKK are not perfect and they have made a huge mistake here. For years they have occupied Shingal illegally with money from Baghdad. While they themselves won’t allow any Peshmerga in Rojava. This double standard is not acceptable. Problem will only be solved when PKK learn to respect KRG’s border the same way KRG respects Rojava’s border. Shingal is part of KRG. Period. This means only Peshmerga can operate in the area. All political decisions must be made by KRG. Not by PKK or “local” PKK millitias. Any Yezidi that wants to defend Shingal must sign up as Peshmerga. KRG is not a land of millitias. Before we know it we’ll have christian millitias, turkmen millitias, arab millitias and all want autonomy. KRG will be divided and we will never become a state. And vice verca. PKK will never allow any local KDP millitias in Rojava. So why do they expect KRG to allow PKK millitias in Shingal? Enough hypocracy from PKK.  Report