MESOP : Chaos, deals & conspiracies in Coalition’s Election: source

(Zaman Alwasl)- 9-7-2014 – A source from inside the Democratic Bloc in the National Coalition, that Ahmad Jarba belongs to, described the bloc position as “critical” and things have become quite “chaotic”.

The source who talked in condition of anonymity continued saying that problem within the bloc started after the first election of Jarba, when the Democratic bloc, which forms the majority of the National Coalition, lost an important chance to mend and improve the Coalition, and failed to implement the reformation plan which was agreed in Cairo conference before the Coalition’s presidency election. In that conference, Kilo nominated Jarba for the Coalition’s presidency and the bloc’s members helped him to succeed.

According to the source, the reformation plan included changing the rule of procedure of the National coalition, and transform it into an organization, beside widening representations and putting forward a political agenda beside a media plan to cover serious defects. The source revealed that some members who joined the bloc to have a chance to be members of the coalition, left the bloc soon for many reasons.The source notified that some members from the Democratic bloc turned to be as employees to Jarba, instead of having independent personality and representation.

The source accused Jarba of becoming “Arrogant” after winning the Coalition’s presidency, and became proud of his new position, and neglected the Bloc or improving the coalition.

The source carried on explaining that Jarba started building a special bloc and current for himself within the Coalition, using the Saudi political, military and financial support, following Sabbagh actions, as money is transferred to their personal bank account, not to a bank account assigned to the Coalition.

According to the source, Jarba’s behavior and actions annoyed many in the Coalition, especially Michele Kilo, who supported him to win the presidency, which led kilo to neglect the coalition and improving it, resulted in leaving the Coalition for Jarba to increase his power in it and take decisions he wanted. In the end the disagreement between the two men ended in deep dispute. Therefore, the bloc had lost a significant chance to improve the Coalition, Jarba holds the responsibility first, and Kilo second.

The Source who had provided Zaman Alwasl with the latest decisions of the General Authority, added that Kilo suggested forming a Consultancy Body within the Coalition, however, Jarba rejected the idea because he considered it as a group against him. In reality, the body, which was not formed officially, became a bloc against Jarba, consisted of Sabbagh and his group, beside the National Council, which always supported Sabbagh.

The source confirmed that Muslim Brotherhood support Sabbagh, but because Saudi Arabia considered them a terrorist organization, they went to Qatari side, while Nazir al-Hakim stayed with Jarba.

The source revealed that Fayez Sara biased to Jarba against Kilo, moreover, he nominated himself to the Democratic bloc presidency instead of kilo, while the later withdrew from the nomination, that increased the differences between both of them. However, Kilo did not leave the bloc completely to Jarba, instead he convinced Mowafaq Nairabiyeh to nominate himself against Hadi al-Bahra, who completely follow Jarba, while Nairabiyeh did not support Jarba and can discuss with him other options.

In the Democratic Bloc’s election. Nairabiyeh had 10 votes, while Sabbagh had 9 votes, meaning that Sabbagh would not be able to nominate himself for the Coalition presidency. That annoyed Jarba and considered it as a Kilo’s trick against him.According to the source, Nairabiyeh was not within the bloc in the last year, even he sometimes coordinated with Sabbagh.

The source added that the Compatibility Group wanted to nominate Riyadh Hijab, however, he would not nominate himself, unless he guarantee the agreement on his nomination. The source added that a deal could be done with Nairabiyeh to become the Secretary General and leave the presidency to Hijab.

The source mentioned that Jarba started moving to prepare Bahra’s nomination regardless of the Democratic bloc’s election result, and it is possible for both Jarba and Sabbagh to agree on a particular plan to keep the presidency between them, as they have the strongest effects in the Coalition. This would be at the expense of Kilo and the Democratic Bloc, which is increasingly become Jarba’s bloc.The source described what has been happening as a “complete shame” and lack any feeling of national responsibility. In the end, the source expected that no changes in the Coalition performance would happen, whatever the election’s outcome was, as no group or bloc provided any program or initiative to improve the Coalition’s performance.