MESOP BREAKING NEWS : Turkey bombs Kurdish positions in Syria’s Kobane / YPG STATEMENT

June 27, 2016 –  QAMISHLI – The Turkish army attacked security headquarters for the Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Kobane, northern Syria, military sources reported on Monday.

“Turkey’s military, stationed on border with Syria, bombed a security centre for our forces in the Kor Eli village west of Kobane,” a spokesman for the Kurdish YPG told ARA News in Kobane. The YPG media office reported that several artillery shells “fired from the Turkish side of the border” hit their security building in Kor Eli. It was not immediately clear how many casualties fell in the attack.

Also, the Turkish army has reportedly bombed the Kurdish villages of Boban, Zilara and Ashme in Kobane countryside, earlier on Sunday. Scores of civilians were reportedly injured in the offensive.

This coincided with clashes between the Kurdish YPG forces and militants of the Islamic State (ISIS) in the vicinity of Shuyukh town in Kobane countryside.  “A number of ISIS militants were trying to infiltrate into Shuyukh town when clashes broke out. Our [YPG] forces were eventually able to repel the attack,” YPG officer Habun Osman told ARA News on the phone.

“The Turkish offensive against our forces in northern Syria is an apparent attempt by the government of Erdogan to support terrorist groups,” he said.“Turkey is willing to support any terror groups against the Kurds. They prefer to have ISIS and al-Qaeda in control of the border than the Kurdish forces,” the YPG official said.

The Turkish army has earlier launched more than 20 attacks on Kurdish positions in northern Syria, especially near Raqqa province where Kurds drove militants of the Islamic State (ISIS) from strategic border areas, such as Tel Abyad crossing.