MESOP BREAKING : Iraqi Forces to Storm Central Fallujah in 2-3 Days: Police Chief

 Raiding the city will start after the surrounding areas are fully liberated

12 June 201 – AFP FALLUJAH — The Iraqi forces need only two or three days to enter the central Fallujah and liberate the city for the Islamic State (IS) militants, said an Iraqi official.

Citing the Iraqi Federal Police Commander, Shakir Jawdat, the Russian Sputnik reported that the Iraqi army, alongside the Shi’ite militia Hashd al-Shaabi, and backed by the US airpower will soon storm into central Fallujah to declare the full liberation of the city. Jawdat told the Sputnik that “the storm of Fallujah city center will take place within two or three days, after the security forces and Hashd al-Shaabi finish to liberate its surrounding territories.” The Iraqi army on Saturday declared the liberation of Falahat and Sabihat districts on the western Fallujah suburb in the most recent offensive by the Iraqi forces. The government in Baghdad launched the Fallujah operation on May 22nd in an effort to drive the IS jihadists out of the city which has been under the control of the extremist group since January 2014.