Syria Daily: 116 Killed As Russia & Regime Bomb In & Near Aleppo

17 Nov 2016 –  By Scott Lucas – eaworldview -The opposition Syrian National Coalition has accused Russia of withdrawing from the International Criminal Court to “to evade accountability for the war crimes its forces are committing against civilians in Syria”.On Wednesday Moscow announced its formal departure from the ICC, which began functioning on July 1, 2002. Russia signed the 1998 Rome Statute, which established the court, in 2000 but has never ratified the treaty.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: At least 116 people were killed across Syria on Wednesday, as Russia and the Assad regime carried out intense bombing in and near the country’s largest city Aleppo. The fatalities included 11 women and 19 children, according to the Local Coordination Committees, the pro-opposition group which documented the deaths. Of the casualties, 82 were in Aleppo country.

Many were in neighborhoods in besieged opposition-held eastern Aleppo city, as regime helicopters covered the area with barrel bombs. Others were in the town of Batabo, west of Aleppo, in attacks by Russian and Syrian warplanes.Another 25 fatalities were in Hama Province. Some of the documented deaths were victims of torture in regime prisons.Russia and the regime, who killed more than 600 civilians in eastern Aleppo city between September 19 and October 18, renewed their attacks earlier this week. Pro-Assad forces have besieged the estimated 270,000 residents since late August.

“The helicopters won’t stop for a single moment,” Bebars Mishal, a member of the White Helmets rescuers, said on Wednesday. “Right now, the bombing won’t let up.”

At least 18 barrel bombs were reported to have been dropped on the al-Shaar district alone, one of them near a children’s hospital and school. Amid the continuing assault by Russia and the regime on medical facilities, eastern Aleppo’s central blood bank was also hit yesterday.There are only five functioning trauma facilities left in eastern Aleppo, according to Adham Sahloul of the Syrian American Medical Society, Sahloul told the Associated Press news agency.

“Me and my staff and all the patients are sitting in one room in the basement right now,” a pediatrician said from one of the facilities. “We will try to get out when the air strikes leave our sky. Pray for us please.”