MESOP ASSAD’S DECLARATION : “PKK Armed Wing” Responsible for Situation in Hasakah / Damascus says other ways of efforts did not work to stop the “provocative acts” by Kurdish security forces

Sardar Sattar – BasNews – 20. Aug 2016 – ERBIL — The Syrian army has claimed that the regime’s airstrikes on the Kurdish neighborhoods of Hasakah is in response to the “provocative actions” by the Kurdish security forces in the city.  Following days of confrontation and airstrikes in the northeastern city of Hasakah, the general commander of the Syrian army said in a statement that the Kurdish security forces (Asayish) are responsible for oil robbery, attacking state institutions, preventing school examinations and posing a siege on a military base  near the city belonging to the Syrian government. 

Calling the Kurdish forces in Hasakah as “an armed wing of PKK [Kurdistan Workers’ Party]”, the statement accuses them also of causing chaos in the city by abducting people.

The Syrian army claims that they had to respond to “these crimes” as other ways or efforts to stop them were rejected by the Asayish forces. The statement comes after deadly clashes and heavy airstrikes which have started in Hasakah on  August 16, killed and injured dozens of people, mostly civilians. The US reacted to the “unusual situation” in Hasakah and the Syrian regime air raids as there are US troops based in the area. Pentagon previously confirmed that they have deployed fighter jets over Hasakah to provide protection to their forces on the ground.