MESOP : ASSAD BOMBS KURDS (II) – Dozens killed as Syrian warplanes target Qamishli countryside

January 21, 2015 – ARA News – Qamishli, Syria – On Tuesday, dozens of civilian casualties were reported due to aerial bombardment (with barrel bombs) by the air force loyal to President Bashar al-Assad on the village of Khansa south of Qamishli (Qamishlo), in northeastern Syria.Speaking to ARA News in Qamishli, civil rights activist Ibrahim Ghali said that the pro-regime helicopters targeted with barrel bombs the al-Makof market (sheep market) in the Islamic State’s (IS/ISIS) controlled village of Khansa (9 km south of the town of Tel Hamis in Qamishli countryside).

“At least 20 civilians were killed in the village of Khansa, while dozens others were wounded and transferred to the National Hospital in the city of Qamishli,” Ghali added.

In the meantime, pro-Assad forces shelled the southern countryside of Hasakah with rockets, amid reports of casualties. Activist Ahmed Husseini told ARA News in Hasakah that the pro-regime warplanes targeted on Monday the town of Shaddadi (50 km south of Hasakah), killing two civilians and wounding several others as well as causing substantial damage to the residential buildings in the town.“The injured were transferred to the General Hospital of Shaddadi.”Husseini added that the pro-regime forces shelled with heavy artillery several IS locations in Mount Abdulaziz and al-Siddiq Junction near the village of Rafraf (10 km west of the city of Hasakah). No casualties were reported. This comes amid continued fighting between pro-regime forces (backed by gunmen of the National Defense Army) and militants of the Islamic State in the western and southern parts of the city of Hasakah.

Reporting by: Rudi Ahmed and Dilshad Muhammad – Source: ARA News