Efforts Underway to Divide Kurdistan Region: Political Analyst  – Iran is behind such efforts

25 Sept 2016 – BasNews – ERBIL — A Kurdish political analyst stated that there is an attempt for dividing the Kurdistan Region, introducing Iran as the main character in such an attempt. Bahroz Jaafer, a political analyst, said in a statement on his official Facebook account that there is a plot for dividing Kurdistan Region into two separate local administrations, noting that this scenario should be taken into account after September 27. He believes that Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) will establish an independent state, and there are two possibilities for the reactions of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and Change Movement (Gorran) to this project. 

They may support the project of Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani which is a faint possibility since the factions in the areas under PUK’s influence are being challenged with making decisions due to the internal conflicts amongst the factions. Iran, on the other hand, is playing a major role in policy making of those factions. 

Regarding the second possibility, he ironically criticized the enormous influence of Iran on PUK officials, saying that the areas under PUK’s influence are most likely to be an “Iranian military base”. He added that KDP has been disappointed in reaching any political consensus with PUK and Gorran.Previously, Dindar Najman Doski, a Kurdish political figure, told BasNews that there are efforts being made to divide the Kurdistan Region into two administrations, noting that demanding Baghdad to pay the public servants’s salaries of Sulaymaniya province separate from Erbil and Duhok is one of those efforts for such a division.