Syrian Observatory for Human Rights : Crimes of genocide were committed by the Islamic State against hundreds of people from al-Sheitaat tribe.

Reliable resources reported to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the Islamic State executed more than 700 people, the majority of them are civilians, in the Badeyat al- Sheitaat and the towns of Ghranij, Abo Hamam and Al Keshkeyyi while the destiny of other hundreds from the people of the tribe of al-Sheitaat are still unknown so far.

The Islamic State is considered that the judge of al- Sheitaat tribe according to Sharia “ an infidel party and it must be fought as if fighting Kuffar ( Non- believers) in the consensus of the Sharia scholars even though it approved on and does not deny the rules of Sharia. A covenant and truce must not be held with them, not to give them safety, not to release the detainees even they pay money, not to marry their women and not to eat from their food. It is allowed to kill the detainees, injuries and to follow those who flee from the clashes. We have to fight them even though they do not start with fighting.”

It is worth mentioning that hundreds of the people were killed after arrest, some of them were beheaded and some had been pursued and executed in the villages and towns that they escaped to in the countryside of Deir Ezzor. The SOHR could document dozens of names.

We, in the SOHR, warned a few days ago that the Islamic State are going to launch a campaign of execution and genocide against the people of the towns which are inhabited by al- Sheitaat tribe and which were invaded by IS.

We in the SOHR condemn in the strongest terms the massacres of genocide committed by IS against the people of al- Sheitaat who have revolted against the role of IS over their regions. We also express our deep offensive and censure about the silence and hypocrisy of the International Community which has not mentioned, even in a statement, the massacres committed by IS against the people of al- Sheitaat and other dozens massacres committed against the Syrian people, where the SOHR has documented these massacres since May 2013.

We, in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights renew our appeal to all the international parties, which still have remnants of the human conscience, to transfer the file of war crimes and crimes against humanity which have been committed in Syria to the International Criminal Court or to establish international courts specialized in the situation in Syria in a case of disability to transfer the file to the International Criminal Court due to the Russian- Chinese veto