Kurdish Movement Warns Turkish Government About Öcalan’s Isolation –  TODAYS KCK/PKK STATEMENT

The Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), the umbrella organisation of the Kurdish Movement, has issued a serious warning to the Turkish government about the continuing isolation of Abdullah Öcalan. “We see life without our leader as being worse than hell. For this reason we are warning (the government): we will make life hell for those making our life hell,” the KCK said.

The KCK Executive Council issued a statement about the denial of a meeting with PKK/KCK leader Abdullah Öcalan, who has been under aggravated isolation since 5 April 2015. “Our leader has not been allowed to meet with family members since before 2015 and with his lawyers for five years. International powers and the fascist AKP state, which is controlling Imrali prison, are acting as if the prison does not exist and our leader is not being held hostage there. The process is one of annihilating something they do not accept the existence of. In this sense the denial and annihilation policy against the Kurdish people is being put in practice on Imrali island in a more aggravated manner.”

There is a great danger

The statement also said that Öcalan’s isolation had been aggravated following the 15 July coup attempt and that the KCK was worried about the Kurdish leader’s health and safety. “It would be foolish to think that those who torture and behead soldiers from their own military, will act humanely against our leader. The silence surrounding the island prison makes the words ‘worry’ and ‘anxiety’ meaningless. The threat and danger is great. The Kurdish people, the forces for democracy and peace in Turkey, women and the bright future of our peoples and countries are under threat in the person of our leader. To remain insensitive to this danger is the same as accepting defeat.”

Europe is also responsible

The KCK also criticised the silence of European states and organisations regarding Öcalan’s isolation and said they were colluding with the Erdogan dictatorship. “The new Turkey Erdogan wants to create means expanding the borders and influence of the Islamic State (ISIS), which will mean an even bigger danger for Europe. The only way of limiting this danger is to lift the isolation. The European Council must act immediately.”

No life without our leader

The KCK ended the statement by warning the AKP government. “We have always said ‘there is no life without our leader’. We see life without our leader as being worse than hell. For this reason we are warning (the government): we will make life hell for those making our life hell.”

Efforts to meet Öcalan continue

The KCK’s statement comes after attempts by Öcalan’s lawyers, his family members and the HDP’s Imrali Delegation to meet with the imprisoned leader. Turkish authorities have rejected applications on the grounds that the ship to Imrali is out of service or that conditions are not suitable.

A new decree passed by the Bursa Judge of Execution has banned all contact with Öcalan and three other political prisoners in Imrali for the duration of the 3-month state of emergency declared after the coup attempt.

It has also come to light that Öcalan is being refused newspapers. Political commentators are saying the government is preventing Öcalan from sharing his views on political developments and intervening in the process.