MENA WATCH NEWS KURDISTAN: Turkey Assures SDF of No Military Incursions, But Continued Strikes against PKK

4.9.2021 – ERBIL — A US delegation has recently delivered Turkey’s message to reassure the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) of no plans of any military incursions into the Syrian Kurdish territories, better known as Rojava, a source told BasNews.

While discussing the latest developments and the current challenges in the region with the SDF commanders, the US delegation made it clear that Ankara, however, is determined to continue its military actions to target the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) figures who freely operate in the Syrian Kurdistan.

Turkey has already taken control of a vast area of the Kurdish territories in north and northwest of Syria, including Afrin. Following separate agreements brokered by Russia and the US, Ankara has stoped the military incursions provided that the Kurdish forces, which it accuses of having links to the PKK, retreat from the border strip with south Turkish territories.

A source familiar with the developments told BasNews that most of the PKK commanders have moved to the areas away from the Turkish border after Ankara stepped up airstrikes which targeted several PKK leaders in the recent weeks.

The US delegation, according to the source, have warned the SDF that Washington’s support is limited to SDF’s war against the Islamic State (IS), and it would take a neutral position in the event of any armed conflict between Turkey and SDF.

The Americans have also promised to help the return of the Kurdish families displaced from Sare Kanie (Ras al-Ain) and Gire Sipi (Tel Abyadh) after negotiations with Turkey and Russia.