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Briefing News and Activities in West Kurdistan and Syria / 4.11.2012

The condemnation of brutal killing of the People’s protection Units (YPG) commander Nujin Derik in Aleppo.

The General Command of People’s Protection Units (YPG) issued a statement in 2 November 2012, condemning the brutal killing of Commander Shaha Ali Abdo known by nick name Nujin Derik by armed mercenary gang affiliated to Syrian Free Army (FSA). She was a leading commander within YPG in Aleppo and was on duty as peace messenger to deliver and handing back the bodies of those who died during the fighting after that armed group shot peaceful protestors in Ashrafiya, Aleppo in 26 October 2012. Once the bodies have been delivered as agreed, the betraying armed gang ambushed and shot a hand bomb on the messengers, where Nujin Derik had been injured and captured.

YPG tried through mediator to call for her safety and release but the armed gang was threatening to kill her and on 2 November they announced her execution. YPG holds this armed group responsible for brutal killings of Nujin and Kurdish peaceful demonstrators and called the Kurdish people to protect themselves against these hired killer armed group who provoke to drag the Kurdish relatively peaceful region into the brutal sectarian violence.

Also the Executive committee of The Democratic Union Party announced a statement condemning the brutal killing of YPG’s commander in Aleppo Nujin Derik and called all Kurdish political parties, democratic institution and armed opposition to keep the Kurdish region out of the ongoing sectarian violence as this brutal sectarian violence is not serving the Syrian pro- democracy and freedom revolution.   Displaced Arabs in Sheikh Maqsud and Ashrafieh Neighborhood: People Protection Units are protecting us:

Aleppo – The events that have taken place in recent days in neighborhoods `Sheikh Maqsud`and  `Ashrafieh` increased the brotherhood between Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen and strengthened among them equality and peaceful coexistence..

Where the IDPs confirmed the coexistence between Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen, and expressed their gratitude to the `Protection People Units“ that protect the region.

The “Democratic Society Movement“TEV-DEM:  Kurdish people have the power and the readiness to defend themselves.

Qamishlo – the executive corporation of the Democratic Society Movement TEV-DEM issued a statement to the public regarding the recent events in  “kastal Jendo“ village -Efrin. Calling on all Kurdish people and all democratic institutions and organizations in the region to be alerted and do its duty to defend Efrin and all western Kurdistan.

 It also called at the same time all Kurdish parties to clarify its position toward what is happening and work to respond to the attacks which target Kurdish presence. The statement also called on all Kurdish parties to leave all conflicts aside and rally around the defenders of the region. The Statement added that Kurdish people have the strength and readiness to defend themselves until the end.

The statement said: “The continuing attacks since three days ago on our people in“ Kastalh Jendo“ village and its surroundings did not stop. The groups which belong to the armed group of Amar Dadyka attacked again “Kastalh Jendo“ village where the “People Protection Units“ respond to them and defended our people there.

The statement stressed that: “the recent attacks have proved that these incidents are not local mistakes by some armed groups within some armed units, but comes within the policy of the Turkish state in the re-colonization of Kurdistan and control Kurdish region. Recurrence of these attacks are not the actions of some people as claimed by key figures and leaders in the armed groups, but are the result of a deliberate studied plan a time ago from certain parties to implement  it on the ground. These parties are linked to Turkish state and to some chauvinism groups and aim  to eliminate the relative freedom enjoyed by the Kurdish people in western Kurdistan in general. It should be noted that there are some Kurdish actors whose collaborate with attackers”.

The statement continued: “The situation is very sensitive and requires attention and caution and full alert in these critical times. Therefore we call on all Kurds and all institutions and democratic organizations to be alerted and do their duty to defend Efrin and western Kurdistan. Also all institutions should rally around People Protection Union.

The statement stressed: “All the democratic forces in Syria should stand lookout for all the actions detrimental to the brotherly relations between Kurds – Arab and fail all the scheme swamp the blood that are trying to pass on the region.  And we say that the only winner of any collision between Kurd – Arab will not be in the interest of the revolution nor in the interest of both peoples, but it will be in the interest of dominant powers, led by the Baathist regime and Turkish colonialism.

The statement concluded: “That is why we emphasize on the need to stay away from hostile the Kurdish people and attack them?. And confirm that Kurdish people will not stand idly in the face of any targeting of its regions and existence, and has the strength and readiness to defend themselves until the end.”

Injury of One Member of People Protection Units during an attack of “ Ammar Dadyki“ group on “kastal Jendo“ village.

Efrin – an armed group affiliated to “ Ammar Dadyki“ group in the area of Izaz attacked on villages of “kastall Jendo, Qtma and Yazi Dag on Monday morning, injuring one member of the Protection People Units who was doing his duty in protecting the  villages.

People Protection Union (YPG): the Supreme Kurdish Council and all the Kurdish parties should show its stand toward the events of Ashrafieh

Qamishlo – the General Command of People Protection Units issued a statement to the press and to the public opinion pointed out that the events that occurred in the neighborhood of Ashrafieh in Aleppo do not serve the objectives of the Syrian revolution. The statement indicated that there are some Kurdish parties that play a provocative role through continuing to meet with some armed groups, like Dr. Abdeen of the Kurdish national Council and called the Supreme Kurdish Council to not remain silent and announce its stand towards these events.

According to the statement of YPG there were no official meetings so far between the armed groups and YPG units and their members are still detained by the armed groups, on the other hand  there are a number of their captives by the YPG. And there are still 60 Kurdish civilians detained by the armed groups.

The YPG statement added that the reason behind releasing some Kurdish citizens (not all of them) is that our people were arrested by several groups. The statement also indicated that some armed groups on the highway Aleppo-Efrin are threatening, torturing and detaining Kurdish citizens.

These Events Do Not Serve the Revolution

A statement of YPG said also that these events do not serve the Syrian revolution: “We see these events against the Syrian revolution, because YPG and the free army are struggling against the Syrian regime.

Members of the Kurdish National Council met with armed groups

The statement discussed the inducing role of some Kurdish quarters during the events in Ashrafya neighbourhood. In addition, there are still some Kurdish quarters who are mobilizing those armed groups and continuing meeting with them. During the last two days, some members of the Kurdish National Council met with those groups from among those who participated in that meeting: Dr. Abdeen(member of the Kurdish National Council) who is from Efrin and living in Aleppo up to now. He manifests himself in these meetings as a representative of the Kurdish People and discus with those armed groups how to work against People Protection Units. They are also discussing how to rhythm Kurdish Areas in Aleppo under the Control of the Free Army.

Kurdish Parties have to state their position

The General Command Statement also noted to People Protection Units that such attitudes do not serve the Kurdish Issue, they will not allow to continue this work in the Kurdish areas and they called the Kurdish Parties to announce their positions concerning these issues. In addition, the statement called the Supreme Kurdish Council to announce their positions of those parties and personalities that are willing to instigate a war between Free Army and Kurdish People. ‘’So far, the Supreme Kurdish Council did not anything yet, we have announced the name of the party. And now we announced the name of the person who wants to do some inciting actions. And if the Supreme Kurdish Council do not take an action, we see that this task has been left to us’’.

Respect to the Flag of Free Army

The statement noted that after the events that were happened in Kobane, some parties wanted to turn that into a trial, directed YPG and Free army to stand in the face of each other. The statement added that everybody knows the relation between YPG and Free army as they have helped each other in many respects. But YPG does not accept injustices. The statement continued saying ‘’ our concept of Freedom is different than the one of Free Army, they accept it and we respect their knowledge and accept it as a science to the martyrs of Syria, the Free Army understands this as well’’.

Actors are partners in the killing of Kurdish People

YPG Statement asked the Kurdish parties about the flag and what does it mean for you and for the Kurdish People. Added that ‘’Everyone should understand that events took place in Aleppo, but those who stand in the face of it, they want provoking problems and ultimately they are partners in the killing of Kurdish People. The sensitivity of this event are increasing day after day, and people who fought the Kurdish people wherever they are, they will be a target for YPG.

Everybody has the right of demonstrate

Regarding the decision to the demonstration by some Kurdish parties against YPG, ‘’ Some Kurdish parties have taken the decision to demonstrate on Tuesday against YPG in regards to the events of Kobani. Of course, everybody has the right to demonstrate, but we honestly say if this demonstration will cause trails or a reason of it, then our positions will be severe. The demonstration is the right of everybody if it has a democracy intention. We hope that everybody will act rationally. If some mistakes will take place by some of our young people, we think that this will be caused due to the inaction of some of the characters rationality and wisdom.

We are Playing Our Role in The Syrian Revolution

The statement indicated that People Protection Units YPG are taking its place in the Syrian revolution and struggling against the Baathist regime, and regarding that said : ‘’ Everybody should knows that we are not serving anybody, and they should not wait for a service to anybody, and we are not moving out of our Kurdish region and not interfering into out of these regions, we hope from The Free Army leaders to draw the power and get the benefit from YPG to improve the Syrian revolution, and if anything different happened, everybody should knows that we are able to defend ourselves and we will not accept otherwise, we hope that nobody will be a victim of this irritations/inducing and participate in it.

Amude People are Denouncing Alashrafia and Shekh Maqsoud Massacres

Amude- called by Revolutionary Youth Movement and Kurdish student confederation, thousands of Amude people demonstrated yesterday to denounce the brutal aggression of both Free and Syrian armies against Kurdish districts in Aleppo.

Demonstration in Shieh – Efrin Denouncing Alashrafia Massacre

Hundreds of people have demonstrated in Shieh – Efrin to denounce the massacre in Alashrafia.

Rajo-Efrin is Demonstrating in Solidarty of Alashrafya Victims

Hundreds of people have demonstrated in Rajo – Efrin to denounce the massacre which executed by Syrian army in Alashrafya, and the armed attack which carried out by armed group who related to Salaheldin battalion against the peaceful demonstration in Alashrafia and Sheikh Maqsoud districts in Aleppo city.

Arsha – Nova German Organisation is Distributing Human Aids in Qamishlo

Qamishlo- Arsha – Nova German Organisation started today distributing human aids to people who were displaced from the main cities in Syria to Qamishlo.

Kurds in Belbele are Demonstarting Denouncing Alashrafia Massacre

Efrin- Denouncing the massacre which executed by Syrian army in Alashrafya, and the armed attack which carried out by armed group who related to Salaheldin battalion against the peaceful demonstration in Alashrafia and Sheikh Maqsoud districts in Aleppo city where a lot of Kurds crowded in Belbele under slogan of ‘’ Revive Aleppo Resistance’’.

Demonstrators raised signs said: Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafia We are Coming , Kurdish People Union and People Protection Units are the existence of Western Kurdistan, Is a Shot Stoppage is an Attack Against Kurdish People?!, Aleppo Kurds are not alone, We refuse to transfer Kurdish areas into ash square, No Free Army No Syrian army, Long Live for Kurdish Resistance.

Leaders in YPG and Free Syrian Army Assuring  the Involvement of Salah Eldin Battalion in Alashrafya Events

Qamishlo – Sipan Hamo (member of the general leadership of people protection units YPG) has announced that the armed groups opened the fire against Kurdish civilians in Alasharafia district on 26th of this month and they are Salaheldin battalion who have a relation with Azadi party Mustafa Juma wing.

Hamo announcement came through his participation in Ronahi TV phone call last Saturday, Hamo said that among 19 killed men of armed groups there were 7 Kurds one of them called Delkash who was already arrested once by people protection units because of his doubtful activities, but as replying to Azadi party call, YPG has released him that time.

Malik Alkurdi, the deputy of Free Army leader that the confusion inside the Kurdish parties family caused this sorrowful events.

And as per his announcement to Alkurdia News agency: that some political/military parties and specifically Salaheldin battalion who are promoting within free army member that they should end up the domination of PKK members on the district.

Thousands Of Kurds Demonstrate to denounce against Ashrafye and Sheikh Maqsoud Massacres

Efrin- Thousands of Kurds has demonstrated in Mobata –Efrin to denounce the criminal land aggressive actions which The Syrian army and The free syrian army has done againstKurdish people in in Alashrafya and Sheikh Maqsoud destrictsin Aleppo city.

Intransigence Of the Kurdish Parties and popularIrritation Status were the Reason Of what Happened in Kobani

Kobani- A responsible source in Democratic Society Movement TEV-DEM in Kobani has declared to Firat news agency correspondent that the troubles which happened yesterday in front of some parties offices caused because of people congestion resulted of the attack which executed bysome parties who claim that they are belonging to the freeSyrian army in Alashrafya and Sheikh Maqsud andintransigence of some Kurdish parties.

he same source assured that Democratic Socaity MovementTEV-DEM has no problem with any flag, but they askedKurdish parties to remove the Syrian independency flag tocontain the issue ,but the intransigence of some Kurdishparties and the irritated people condition resulted a tension and assembly of the people in front of parties offices, which stumbled on the passage of people protection unit YPG, so they interfered to solve the issue. The source indicated that these parties should have beenrespected the emotions of Kurdish people and showed itssolidarty with the people in denying the ugly crime whichexecuted by some parties who claim that they belong to Free Syrian Army in Alashrafya and the source indicated that the parties should be in the level of the sensitive historical accountability which Kurdish people is passing through it.