Massoud Barzani visits Russia next month

Reuters | – 22.10.2012 –  Hewlêr,-  The president of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani will officially visit Russia in November next, as reported by the statement of the regional government in Erbil.

The statement added that the visit comes by an official invitation by Russian President Vladimir Putin, “but has nothing with Premier Nouri l-Maliki’s late visit to Moscow”.Iraqi premier Maliki visited Moscow at the beginning of this month, where military contracts were signed with an amount of more than 4 billion dollars.

“I feel Kurdistan’s future is in severe danger because of (Maliki),” Barzani said in April 2012. “F-16 (jets) should not reach the hands of this man (Maliki).” Barzani alleged that Maliki had discussed using F-16s against Kurdistan during a meeting with military officers.