Shafaaq com – 27.1.2013 – BAGHDAD. – The leader in Kurdistan Alliance bloc, Dr. Mahmoud Othman warned on Sunday, that all possibilities are open to the crisis with the country including the Syrian scenario , ruled out at the same time dividing the country, considering that the solution lies in two things.

Othman said “what happens of demonstrations and sit-ins in some of Iraq’s provinces is like a popular chaos and there are people that have demands, all of this is not the result of today it is accumulated.” On the possibility of repetition of the Syrian-Iraqi scenario, according to press reports, Othman stressed that “If things are not resolved, everything is possible to happen, including the Syrian scenario, it is possible to develop things even more,” adding that “the Iraqi components have demands and problems.”

Othman said that “the demands of the Sunnis differ from the demands of the Shiites and Kurds have other demands also, as the demands of everyone should be met,” adding that “the understanding among the three parties is not at the required level that why this situation is open to all possibilities.” Othman ruled out “for things to go towards the division of the country, it is not a requirement to divide the country, but things may become a team against another team, and the problems would exacerbate and may get tensions and political sectarian,” noting that “there is no international approach to the division of Iraq, it is difficult for that to happen because everyone want a united Iraq and at the same time to have a weak Iraq.” On the solution that can solve the current crisis, Othman said that “the solution lies in two things, the first being that the three authorities must cooperate; executive, legislative and judicial among them and try to meet the demands of the demonstrators and the demands of the people.”

A number of Iraqi provinces are witnessing demonstrations and sit-ins since more than a month ago, demanding to release the detainees and women detainees, cancel a number of laws and decisions which they deem that it cause injustice like the Justice and Accountability Law and Article 4 terrorism and others.