9.10.2013 –  Jamous Announces the Start of the Institutionalization of the Popular Movement and Considers the Coalition Political Wing of the Revolution and Interim Government Service Wing, Reveals Coordination Between the Free Syrian Army and the Government on Forming Ministry of DefenseSecretary -General of the Syrian National Coalition Badr al-Din Jamous announced the start of the process of institutionalization and restructuring of the popular revolutionary movement represented by the Syrian National Coalition as the sole and legitimate representative of the Syrian people.

Jamous considers that the interim government represents the executive and service wing of the Syrian revolution, while the Syrian National Coalition represents the political arm of the Coalition. The Secretary-General stressed the “importance of  going beyond the current work happening at an individual level and move to a more institutionalized structure through communication with revolutionaries inside Syria as an essential component of this restructuring , and regarded this as one of the most fundamental pillars for the success of the revolution.” Clarifying the future of the relationship between the Coalition and the interim government, Jamous said “that the Coalition will take over the role of supervision and guidance with respect to political and service oriented action after the formation of the government.” He pointed out that the institutionalization of the government is not the institutionalization of the Coalition, but instead the entire spectrum of components of the Syrian revolution. The Secretary-General pointed to the existence of constant coordination between the Office of the Chief of Staff of the Free Syrian Army and the interim government with regard to the formation of the Ministry of Defense and the designation of the defense minister, who will head the Free Syrian Army. He said that “the institutionalization of the Free Syrian Army is one of the most important steps and must be taken and worked on with seriousness and organization in order to unify forces in order to overthrow Bashar al Assad’s regime and create a democratic atmosphere which is able to meet the aspirations of the Syrian people. (Source: Coalition)