Kurdistan Democratic Communities’ Union / Koma Civaken Kurdistan STATEMENT

TO OUR PEOPLES AND THE PUBLIC OPINION – The Co-Presidency of KCK Executive Council

5 November 2013 – Attacking a wedding house in Batman, the gang provocateurs killed a young man and wounded many others. This provocative act precedes the attack on the memorial ceremony in Cizre for the young man killed by the bomb attack of Rojava bandits, during which many young people were wounded.

The timing of this crime, that is, taking place just after the meeting between the Prime Minister and the head of the Huda-Par, leaves many questions behind. Especially, its coincidence with the attack of gangs against the Rojava Revolution clearly shows the underlying dirty collaborations and plans.

The Turkish state has always waged dirty war and made dirty collaborations in any period when the Kurds have raised their Freedom Struggle. The offences of armed groups against the Kurdish People in Rojava are an up-to-date application of the dirty war being waged on the Kurds during the1990s in Turkey. The offences in Cizre and Batman have also taken place at a time when the Turkish state has lost ground against our Freedom Movement. By encouraging these circles to conduct such offences, the AKP government desires a relief from the rise of our Freedom Struggle. It is well understood that they want to start a dirty war and a new phase of psychological warfare.

By carrying out these attacks the AKP government aims at weakening the Freedom Movement, as it does not want to take any steps for the settlement of the Kurdish Question during the present non-conflict circumstances. The recent attacks on the Kurdish Freedom Movement and BDP by Hizbullah-affiliated press, which has now reorganized itself as Huda-Par, are keys to the psychological backgrounds set for the attacks. Knowing that the government will connive and support these attacks, as it did in the 1990s, we are witnessing an increase in their number. They are using the expertise of the counter-guerrilla forces of the 90s in committing crimes in recent offences.

It is wrong to regard these offences as casual cases committed by some local entities. The offences in North Kurdistan and the ones in Rojava are being directed form the same center and both of them are decisions and plans worked out in war circles for waging dirty war on the Kurds. It is quite clear that these circles which committed a lot of murders in North Kurdistan under the support of the government have close ties with the thug of gangs in Rojava. Nowadays, these thugs with Islamic façade are used by AKP government and the green Ergenekon to attack the Kurdish Freedom Movement both in North Kurdistan and Rojava Kurdistan.

These crimes and offences have undeniable ties with the Turkish state and the AKP government. Regarding them as cases related to Huda-Par will downgrade their wide dimensions, hence the struggle and measures against them. Our people and democratic forces should raise their protests against these crimes everywhere and say “stop” to them. The AKP and green Ergenekon should be regarded as forces behind these attacks. Measures should be taken in order to stop these attacks and one dimension of the struggle should be carried out against this dirty war of AKP. Conscious of the fact that AKP is behind these attacks, our people should not restrict their protests to just one or two days, but counteract the attacks. There should be widespread protests against these crimes.

Those who carried out the attacks in Cizre and Batman are thugs who use Islamic values to attack the freedom and democracy struggle of the Kurdish people on behalf of others, just as the thugs in Rojava do. They are the enemies of Islam and the present practitioners of the thug crimes being committed during the 1990s. Conscious of the fact that these attacks will be carried out more widely during the elections process and afterwards, the Kurdish people and democratic forces should institutionalize their self-defense and adopt deterrent measure against them. Self-defense is the legitimate right of the Kurdish people. They should know that, as in the 90s, the Turkish state will not defend them, but, quite the contrary, will encourage and provoke the offenders.

The wall built across Rojava borders is an undeniable proof of the fact that the Turkish state is the omnipresent enemy of the Kurdish Freedom Movement. It is well understood from these practices that the primary agenda and the most basic policy of the Turkish state is suppressing the Freedom Struggle of the Kurds. We support our people’s struggle against the wall. Paying their support to the hunger strike of Nusaybin’s mayor, our people should force the Turkish state and the AKP government to leave enmity against Rojava.

Offences against the Rojava revolution and people’s freedom struggle in North Kurdistan are clear signs of the fact that the Turkish state is not sincere towards the year-long process initiated by Kurdish People’s Leader. Considering the fact that AKP has no policy for solving the Kurdish question and aims at turning the process into a process of psychological warfare, the Kurdish people and democratic forces should continue their struggle multi-dimensionally.