Kurdish Unity Party Meets With Kurdish Muslim Brotherhood

Secretary -General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union Mohammed Faraj , and the presence of the President of the Leadership Council of the Axis of Sulaymaniyah , Dr. Mohamed Ahmed yesterday evening Tuesday, 11/12/2013 , received a high-level delegation of the Union of the Kurds in Syria , which included party secretary Ibrahim Bro, the former secretary Abdul Baki Youssef and representative of the party in the region.

The two sides discussed during the meeting, which lasted about an hour the latest developments on the political scene in the region and the Syrian arena in particular , and in particular the Kurdish issue in Syria.

For his part, the Secretary – General of the Islamic Union stressed on the need to preserve the unity of Kurdish political parties in Western Kurdistan , stressing the need for the participation of the Kurdish delegation in coordination with the Syrian opposition in Geneva Conference 2 .

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