KRG : NO OFFICIAL VISIT IN ISRAEL / BUT UNOFFICIALLY: YES ! | / Yedioth Ahronot – 23.2.2013 – :  Hewlêr – : The spokesman of the Kurdistan Regional Government KRG, Safeen Dizayee denied what Israeli newspaper “Yedioth Ahronoth –ידיעותאחרונות‎” said that an official delegation from the KRG visited Tel Aviv to discuss the Israeli investment projects in Kurdistan, especially in the agricultural field.

The Israeli newspaper had pointed out in its report that Imad Ahmed, vice president of KRG, accompanied by the Minister of Agriculture visited Israel for talks with officials there on agricultural projects to benefit from the Israeli experiences in the investment field, while the statement of the presidency of KRG website reported, that” this news completely lacks credibility and it is not true at all.”  The statement added that “the news basically lacks credibility and precision, as the newspaper described Emad Ahmed as Vice President of the Region   while in fact he is the deputy of the prime minister not the vice President of the Region,” stressing that “the newspaper reported the name of former agriculture minister, Jamil Suleiman and the current minister is Dr. Sirwan Baban”.

“KRG does not have any diplomatic relations with Israel so that official delegations would go there.”

The statement noted that “we have nothing to hide about our relations with any country in the world and our relations are governed by the foreign policy of Iraq, and any country in the world with whom we have diplomatic relations id through our representatives abroad or through Iraqi embassies that we declare it without any hesitation.” The statement stressed that “what is important at the official level is that we do not have any diplomatic relations with Israel to send them delegations or receive delegations from them,” adding, “We are committed to foreign policy of the federal government according to the constitution, which restricts this policy by the central government.”