Kurdish Blocs Coalition KBC refuses comparing Kurdistan to Israel

Al Shafaaq – 1.1.2013 – BAGHDAD: Kurdistan Alliance bloc in the parliament refused on Monday, comparing Kurdistan Region to Israel and Kirkuk’s Arabs as Israeli Arabs, stressing that the fate of Kirkuk is determined by the constitution.

The vice president of the bloc, Muhsin al-Sadoun told Shafaq News, that “unfortunately, we heard a statement attributed to the Arab political Council describing Kirkuk’s Arabs as Israeli Arabs if Kirkuk joined Kurdistan”, returned this statement as ” serious and carries false accusations against Kurdistan Region.” “Saying that Kirkuk’s Arabs are like Israeli Arabs means that Kurdistan Region is Israel, and this saying is rejected by all Iraqi political and Kurdish forces at the same time.”

Saadoun expressed “his belief that the fate of Kirkuk is not determined by neither the federal government nor the Arab political Council, “stressing that “the fate of Kirkuk is linked to constitutional items voted by the Iraqi people and that article have mechanics.” The leader of the Arab political Council, Hussein Ali Saleh al-Jubouri considered at a news conference held on Sunday in Kirkuk that “if Kirkuk joined Kurdistan Region, the condition of the Arabs of the province will be similar to Israel’s Arabs,” calling the federal government to “commit to the Arab identity and Iraqi identity of Kirkuk “.