KDP & PYD Agree on Syrian Kurdistan

25.06.2014 – Hemin Salih and Kako Ibrahim – BasNews, Ankara – Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Syrian Democratic Union Party (PYD) have met in the Turkish capital of Ankara to engage in discussions regarding the future of Syrian Kurdistan.

BasNews has learned that that both the KDP and PYD delegates in Turkey have agreed to stop attacking each other over the press, and have resolved to work together to clear problems on the border between Iraqi-Syrian Kurdistan. Also both delegations have agreed to normalize the situation in Syrian Kurdistan so that every Kurdish party and organization can work and be active in that area of the autonomous region. The final point KDP and PYD agreed on was that their discussions would continue in order to remain in tight communication and hopefully strengthen relations between all parties.

Abdul-Salam Ahmed, the co-chair of PYD People’s Council of West Kurdistan (Syrian Kurdistan) posted on his Facebook page that they are trying to find a common ground with KDP in Syrian Kurdistan. “In the meetings we talked about finding ways to make change in Syrian Kurdistan. We hope that the steps we take will be the beginning of positive changes that will benefit the Kurds,” added Ahmed. Furthermore, according to information obtained by BasNews, the Kurdish National Council (KNC) also joined the discussions in an effort to find a common interest in Syrian Kurdistan among all Kurdish parties. For over a year, tensions have been strong between PYD and other Kurdish parties, especially with the KDP. Earlier this month, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) in its recent report accused PYD of violation human rights due to their treatment of the people of Syrian Kurdistan.