KCK: Withdrawal needs right conditions

Different Perspectives about the way to Peace ?

ANF – BEHDINAN 23.03.2013 – In a written statement released on Saturday, Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Presidency called  a ceasefire as of 23 March, officially stating that Kurdish guerrilla forces will not use arms unless they face an attack.

That KCK stated that guerrilla forces will exercise the right of self defence and reprisal should they be attacked.

Calling attention to the conditions necessary for withdrawal, the KCK urged for the work required for withdrawal to begin as soon as possible. This work includes the establishment of decision-making and monitoring commissions and the improvement of Kurdish leader Öcalan’s conditions so that the process initiated could really positively progress. The KCK also called on the government to begin using a peaceful language and to fulfill its legal and constitutional responsibilities so that the solution project put forward by the Kurdish leader can be put into practice. The KCK added that the institutions and groups the civil society is organized in should play their part in the current process.