KCK warns France (ADEM UZUN & OTHERS)

BAHDINAN, – 11.10.2012 – After the arrest of Adem Uzun a member of Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) by French police, Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) released a statement warning the French authorities of taking responsive action if the anti-Kurdish policies of France were to persist.

Pointing to the role France had played in division of Kurdistan in 1923 the KCK statement remarked; “When Kurdistan was divided into four parts, France played a significant role. Encountered with such an injustice ever since, the Kurds were faced with state terror in 19990s, to encounter such injustice they adopted a path to struggle. France has supported the occupiers, the looters and the mass-murderers [of the Kurds] and now targets the Kurdish politicians.”

Condemning how the French authorities have treated the Kurdish political activists the statement outlined; “France had designated Kurdish legitimate struggle as terrorist and by fabricating groundless accusation of drug-trafficking which bears no relation with our organisation at all, it has arrested many Kurdish politicians and held them in pre-trail detentions; nothing has come out of their courts either,” it added.

KCK also pointed out that such strategies pursued by French authorities are all corollary of psychological war conducted against the Kurds and the Kurdish resistance movement.“ On a groundless charge,” said the KCK, “They have arrested Adem Uzun, a leading figure of Kurdistan National Congress who has spent his entire life in Europe engaging in politics and diplomacy representing the Kurdish people.”

The KCK warned French authority to put an end to its antagonistic stance or it will face a responsive action from the Kurdish resistance movement.

“We as the Kurdish resistance movement,” noted the statement; “had already warned French authority urging them to stop their hostile stance. But the then French government headed by Sarkozy paid no attention to such warnings and pursued its anti-Kurdish policies in line with its interest. Although the government had changed but it seems that hostile policies against the Kurds are still at work. If such policies continue, the Kurdish resistance movement and the Kurdish people will avail of the right to respond and they will be impelled to make decisions against the interests of French state”.

At the end of the statement the KCK calls on the French authorities to stop such hostile policies on due time. “Before we reach that stage, we call upon French authorities to put an end to such hostile policies against the Kurdish struggle for freedom,” the statement ended.