Jabra-Sabbagh alliance may cause disastrous outcomes

7-7-2014 – (Zaman Alwasl)- Quite chaos the National Coalition witnesses these days, a well informed source reported to Zaman Alwasl, especially after rumors about a deal between Ahmad Jarba, the recent president of the coalition, and his previous Secretary General, Mostafa Sabbagh. The source revealed that many have requested Sabbagh to refuse being a rescue boat for Jarba or help him, to leave him to present himself in the nomination for Coalition presidency under Hadi al-Bahra’s cover.

The source continue saying: ‘when Abo Mahmood isolated himself ongoing rumors and disagreements within the coalition, he won significant trust of the coalition members, especially after the Aid&relief work he did with “Syrian Forum for Business” he manages. However, he started to lose the trust after allying with Jarba, the president who unfortunately the most important revolution’s cities fell, like Homs, Qosayr Yabrud and Deir Ezzor, during his presidency not to forget the strength ISIS reached as well”. The source advised that would be much better for “Abo Mahmood” to distance himself from Jarba, as allying with him with be big mistake.

The source considered Riyadh Hijab’s decision to withdraw from the nomination was wise and limited chances of conflict in election.

The source mentioned that intense meetings between Jarba and Sabbagh undergo, with relentless attempts to introduce Hadi al-Bahra as the most suitable figure for Coalition presidency. “the fate of the Interim Government was discussed as well. Especially if Jarba dismisses the Government, in this case the dream of Interim Government would be lost forever” detailed.

The source expressed his fears of repeating what so called “distributing the political money” to sort out Abo Safok’s problems, he promised to reveal names and amount of money if that happened, moreover Zaman Alwasl would publish the information once they were confirmed.The source continued saying: “to be honest, most members in the Coalition are not happy or satisfied with what has been happening, and they refused do any distrustful actions, all are annoyed from actions of the “two bitter competitors” Jarba and Sabbagh. “All wait the 7th of July for the General Authority’s meeting, hopefully to dismiss two of them if Sabbagh did not open his eyes well, All will judge Jarba for his achievements in the last year and what he gave to the revolution, and how the liberated areas deteriorated after he won his presidency, while regime revived and ISIS widespread. https://www.zamanalwsl.net/en/news/5692.html