Islamisten ohne Islam

Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Scheint ganz so, als wäre es momentan nicht besonders in, sich als politische Partei in Kurdistan auf den Islam zu berufen. Zwar sind das noch vereinzelte Stimmen, daß sie sich allerdings solches Gehör zu verschaffen mögen, zeigt doch, dass zumindest in Irakisch-Kurdistan der Islamismus an Attraktivität verliert:

Nazim Abdulla, a senior member of the Kurdistan Islamic Group led by Ali Bapir, has recently called on the party to drop the term “Islamic” from its name in order to strengthen its presence on the political scene. He warned that the Islamist group—colloquially referred to as Komal—might be losing potential supporters due to some Kurds being intimidated by the “Islamic” nature of the group. Abdulla said it was important to clarify that the Kurdistan Islamic Group was seeking to serve the interests of all Kurds “regardless of their ideological views or background.” (…)

Kurdistan’s other main Islamist party, the Kurdistan Islamic Union, has also witnessed similar calls. A senior member of the party, Abu Bakr Ali, told Asharq Al-Awsat that he personally had proposed dropping the term “Islamic” from the party’s name at a recent party conference, adding that his proposal had failed to win majority support. (…)

“The idea is to expand the political operation of the party, and so by deleting this characterization of the party, the party will be viewed as being more inclusive, and we will be able to attract supporters from all strata of society,” he said.