ISIS frees 12 Kurdish border guards in Mosul

22.06.2014 – BasNews, Mosul – The Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) freed 12 Iraqi border guards from Sinjar, a Yezidi Kurdish town, a source close to the one soldier told BasNews.

The source said that the soldiers were arrested last week, and they were freed from a town called Al-Ba’aj a district in the western part of the Nineveh Province in northern Iraq. One of the prisoners spoke to BasNews and said that ISIS did not harm them when they were arrested.“We were on duty in one of the towns on the border with Syria when ISIS came, the Iraqi army fled and we were arrested by ISIS,” he said. “We were about 50 soldiers, they didn’t hurt us and they freed us last Thursday in Al-Ba’aj,” added the Kurdish border guard. “The group treated us well,” added the former ISIS prisoner who asked to remain anonymous.