ISIS female fighters.. most dangerous women in the world


September 7, 2014 – ARA News – Hasakah, Syria – With the growing power of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) and its militant’s control of large areas in Iraq and Syria, the group has persuaded many women to join the recently established Caliphate. A Scottish girl, who visited Syria last year, has reportedly joined the ranks of IS.The 20-year-old girl, named Aqsa Mahmoud, was ranked as one of the “most dangerous women in the world”, according to The National.

Mahmoud is a Scottish girl of Pakistani origin. After joining IS extremists, she started inviting Muslims “to commit bloody crimes in the UK”. Mahmoud has repeatedly posted extreme messages on social media, such as inviting Muslims to carry out terrorist operations against the West. She is reportedly married to an IS militant, and changed her name to Um Layth. Her family and friends asserted that Mahmoud was a moderate Muslim girl. Many did not know about her travel to the Middle East.

Speaking to ARA News in this regard, Scottish journalist Isabel Hunter said: “Mahmoud is an exceptional case. Many Arab and Pakistani Muslims arrived in Scotland but they are moderate not extremists.”

The British Daily Meal ranked Mahmoud among the six most dangerous women of IS. “She has invited western women to follow her and join the Islamic State. Social media is a main channel of IS extremists to attract many young western women of Muslim origin,” Hunter said.  The Daily Meal mentioned names of the six most dangerous IS women. The list included Salma and Zahraa, two British girls of Somali origin who arrived in Syria more than a month ago to join IS and marry its militants.  Um Muqdad, a 45-year-old Saudi woman known as the “IS women’s princess”, was ranked as the third most dangerous female members of IS. Um Muqdad used to recruit girls in al-Anbar province in Iraq. However, she was arrested by the Iraqi forces in January, 2014.

Um Mohajer is another female member of the Islamic State who moved from Iraq to Syria with her husband after allowing the marriage of her daughters to senior IS leaders. Um Mohajer runs al-Khansa’ battalion in Syria’s Raqqa. The battalion comprises 60 women face-veiled in black with lethal weapons.

Among the prominent female fighters of IS is Nada Qahtani, a Saudi woman who left her husband and children to join IS with her brother. She called herself “Jolayb’s sister” and expressed her intention to carry out the first suicide operation for the sake of the Caliphate. Noteworthy, a main condition for women to join the ranks of IS female-battalions is to be single and physically qualified to join the battles. Female militant fighters of the Islamic State receive $200 as a monthly salary, according to IS-linked sources.  Reporting by: Zaradesht Khalil – Source: ARA News