Iran Threatens Kurds Against Announcing Independence


10.07.2014 – BasNews, Erbil – Iran has warned Kurdish political parties, particularly Gorran (Change Movement) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) that they will close the border crossings with the Kurdistan Region if they step towards independence, and will refuse any replacement for Iraqi PM Nouri al Maliki.

A close Iranian source revealed to London-based Al-Hayat Newspaper that the Iranian Ambassador to Iraq Hassan Danie met with leaders of the PUK and Gorran parties. In the meeting, the parties discussed two points: first, helping the Iraqi Army to regain control of the areas that are under the Islamic Stated of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) militants power; second, the ambassador warned the Kurds against any attempts to declare independence.

The source explained that “[Iran’s] message was harsh and powerful. The Iranian Ambassador informed the Kurds about the disagreement of Iranian leaders for Kurdish independence. They have asked the PUK and Gorran [that have close ties with Iran] to take a clear stance. They have also told Kurds that Iraq’s constitution has given self-determining rights to Kurds within the scope of the federal system.”

Iranian leaders believe that Kurdish independence in Iraq is a red line and they will not accept it under any circumstances.  Iranian representatives have made it clear to to the Gorran and PUK parties that: “Kurdish independence will be seen as a political threat to Iran. Kurdish independence in Iraq will affect the Kurdish people living in Iran.”

However, some members of the Iranian Security Intelligence does not believe that Kurdish independence is impossible with Israel as an ally, especially after the statement of Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu confirming his support. Iran believes that once Kurds declare independence, Israel will have a strong base in Kurdistan and they will reach Iran’s border. For Iran, it is the opposite of their agenda, which is allegedly using Hezbollah to create instability in the area.

Iranian Ambassador Danie has told PUK and Gorran leaders that “Iran won’t recognize any Kurdish independent state. In the event of a declaration of independence, Iran will close all border crossings with Kurdistan and will help all Iraqi officials and parties stand against this attempt [Kurdish independence].” Iran refuses any negotiation for Maliki’s replacement with the possibility of his rise as PM for a third term. Until the Iraqi Army regains the controlled areas by ISIS insurgents, Iran will have no discussions about replacing Maiki.  Finally, the Iranian  Ambassador emphasized attempts to bring all Iraqi parties together again.