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17-12-2012 – Bread crisis in Aleppo turns into a trade between the regime and FSA

Aleppo – the crisis of flour and bread is still in ongoing despite the declaration of both struggling parties in media to find a solution and allocate money in order to remedy the humanitarian problems.

Some public and private bakeries returned to work this morning in areas of Aleppo controlled by the FSA. Still, bakeries in some neighborhoods such as Ashrafiyeh and Sheikh-Maqsoud are still out of service due to lack of subsidized flour. Some private sources claim that the FSA brings flour and fuel to their regions, which they have captured.The source added that the Free Army imposes fees on transportation vehicles, laden with goods, especially those carrying flour. Fees can be as high as 10,000 SP per ton of flour in regions under the control of the Syrian regime. The regime refrains from performing its duties towards the people of Aleppo, and it is only committed to ensure bread and subsidies for its supporter, intelligence staff and government employees. Such behavior keeps the poor people exposed to the exploitation by both the regime and the FSA. The crises have occurred at the hands of the regime and the opposition, and they are dealing with poor peoples blood.

Catholic church bell in Amude chimes again after more than twenty years

Amude – on Sunday, after being closed for more than twenty years, the Catholic Church in Amude was opened again in the presence of a delegation from the Catholic community, representatives of the Islamic and yazidi religions, Kurdish movements and people of the city. In 1930 the syriac Catholic Community Church was built in Amude city. It mainly received worshipers from the Christian community in Amude. The number of Christian families was not small in Amude were not small, exceeding 165 at one point. However, in 1984 the city witnessed an exodus of Christian families to the cities of Alhasake and Qamishlo. Because of the decrease in the number of Christian families in the city, one Baathist official took the advantage and transformed the church into his private residence, going against all religious and ethical values. After the people of Amude welcomed he delegation from Qamishlo city, they began to pray and to practice religious rites. The chairman of the local council of the Syriac Catholic Church in Qamishlo later gave a speech where he stated: “We thank all help we have received to restore the church into what it was always meant to be, a house of God, and whatever affect this city, it affects all its people, not only one party or group.” He also stressed on the peaceful coexistence between all the components of the Syrian people in general and in the private spherein particular. Death of a young Kurd in Afrin after he was kidnapped and tortured

Efrin – An unidentified armed group kidnapped a young Kurdish man ‘’Khaled Daoud’’ from his work under mysterious circumstances. His body was found by Alasayesh (police) force and revealed severe exposure to torture.

Number of martyres in Sheikh-Maqsud District-Aleppo increased to 11

Aleppo, ANF correspondent in Aleppo reported that the number of Martyrs in Sheikh-Maqsud District-Aleppo increased to 11 due to shelling from an unknown source hit Jamil Horro coffee shop in Sheikh-Maqsoud west district. The shelling also wounded several civilians, some critically, who were ambulanced by Alasayesh to several hospitals in the Alashrafya district.

Names of martyrs:

Luqman habash 40 years, Mahmud Kamal rasho 27 years, Mezgin Mustafa Saido, Sendiat Mustafa Saido, Samira (Mustafa’s wife) 45 yrars, Asterfana Luqman Eibesh, Sawsan Horik Hasan, Ibrahim Mhd Mhd, Ilham Ibesh, Hayfa Jabo 5 years, Abdulah Husain Alo (Arabic citizen) 61 years.

More than three thousand children in Amude city receive vaccination

Amude – The health clinic in Amude city has today completed the childrens vaccination campaign in order to protect them against polio and measles. The campaign started on 25/11/2012 and lasted 15 days. 100 young men from youth movement joined YPG forces in Derik city

Due to the recent attacks on the Kurdish areas such as Alashrafya district in Aleppo and Qastal Jindo village in Efrin and the latest ones in Sere Kaniyê, 100 young men, from all regions of western Kurdistan, men who belong to the Youth Movement, have decided to join the Peoples Protection Units, YPG.

People House in Derbasieh distributes aids to displaced people in Serê Kaniyê, Aleppo and Deir Al Zor as well.

Derbassiyeh – the organized committee by the People’s House in Derbassiyeh city continues distributing aid which was received from different regions, including aid sent by the United Nations to displaced people in different parts of Syria as a result of the ongoing conflict between the FSA and the regime.

Aldar Khalil: The delegation sent to the “Syria friends conference” should represent The Supreme Kurdish Council (Desteya bilind ya kurdî)

Qamishlo- Aldar Khalil, member of the supreme Kurdish council, declared that after long discussion with the National Kurdish Council, “we agreed that the Kurdish delegation who are heading to Casablanca-Morocco to attend the Syria friends conference tomorrow should represent the supreme council, and if the Syrian opposition doesn’t accept it, we should return and refuse their dictates”.

He added that this is a chance to practice the Hawler agreement, established 23-11-2012, which was greeted by one million Kurdish people. Derik city is collecting aids for Serê Kaniyê city

Due to the destruction and displacement which is taking place in Serê Kaniyê, local councils in Derik city collected different types of aids such as food, clothes and children necessities in order to  send it to Serê Kaniyê. Four children dead and 19 wounded after shelling on Sheikh Maqsoud-Marouf districtAleppo- Sheikh Maqsoud district was attacked by two mortar shells who hit just behind the Peoples House, resulting in the deaths of four children and 9 wounded who later were transferred to Alashrafieh district hospitals.

Names of martyrs:

Aref Othman 13 years, Rezgar khetiar 11 years, Jolia Hasan 6 months, and forth martyr is unknown. It is worth mentioning that Sheikh-Maqsoud district was bombed in the past days, resulting 11 martyrs and several wounded.

Representatives of Syriac community states that YPG is the only force capable of protecting the region

After the events in Serê Kaniyê which were initiated with the direct support of the Turkish government and some Kurdish fractions as well, a ANF correspondent interviewed a representative of the Syriac community, Ishaq Abdo in Derbasieh city, in order to get their views on the developments. Mr. Abdo initially referred to the mosaic of the Al-hasake province where Syriacs, Kurds, Arabs, Charkas, Assyrians Keldanians, and Yazidians are living together in peace and security. Mr. Abdo thanked PYD for its efforts in education and their interest to keep the region secure and stable. He sent special thanks to YPG (People Protection Units) who are protecting the region against the armed mercenaries groups and pointed out that these groups entered through Turkish lands and with direct support from the Turkish government and some Kurdish parties. “These groups are destroying the city and displacing its people”, he claimed.

Finally Mr. Abdo, asked all people to support YPG by all means because they are sustaining the security of the region.

12 killed and 22 wounded of armed groups in Serê Kaniyê

Serê Kaniyê – Via a private source, a ANF correspondent reported that the clashes between YPG and the armed groups are still ongoing in Serê Kaniyê which has resulted in 12 deaths and 22 wounded from the ranks of the armed groups. Their wounded were transferred to the nearby Turkish hospitals.

Reports indicate that these clashes were caused by the so-called ‘’Abu Jamil” group, which entered through the Turkish border to Serê Kaniyê. The Ahrar Gouiran and the Meshal Tamo groups assisted them. The ANF correspondent reported that the attack of the armed groups was launched while people were trying to reopen the main bakery of the city after maintaining it due to damage caused by armed groups.

The Supreme Kurdish Council: The national coalition should show a clear attitude about the situation in Serê Kaniyê

We got a copy of the issued statement by the supreme Kurdish council to the public opinion. The statement condemns the massacre of the Aqrab village in the Hama countryside, the Shekh Maqsoud massacre, attacks on a funeral on the Efrin road. It also made a harsh condemnation concerning recent events in Serê Kaniyê, asking the National Coalition of the revolution forces and the opposition forces to declare its own stance on the situation.